It's The Weekend...What Is Everyone's Plan For Drinking?

Tonight is a show me yours and I’ll show you mine tasting with twelve people. Theme is higher end CA wines that will be served single blinded. Right now I think these are on the table:

2004 Levy & McClellan
2001 Colgin
1997 SHSS
1995 SHSS

I plan on trying one of those 90 deutz cuvee william that I picked up last week. If the are good I will prob grab a few more; $63 is a steal.

Plenty of A/C in Duxbury. C’mon down and bring your 90 Deutz!

As always, the lineup is subject to last minute changes, but for now:

2000 Domaine Saint-Damien Gigondas
2000 Beni di Batasiolo Barbaresco
2007 Elk Cove Vineyards Pinot Gris
2005 Carlisle Zinfandel Bacchi Ranch

It looks like a nice mix of old world/new world in store for a hopefully nice weekend.


Friday= NV Veuve Fourny Rose & some nice Burgundy at 11 Madison Park
Saturday= NV Moutard Brut & 1989 Gonon St Joseph
Sunday= more bubbly at Sripraphai (GREAT Thai place in Queens)

My wife’s away for the weekend visiting some college friends and left me with the three hooligans [help.gif]. Tonight will probably be some big pours of Scotch after a day at Michigan Adventure (amusement park) [suicide.gif] . But tomorrow a buddy is coming over to offer some relief. We’ll cook up some 2&1/2 inch thick prime NY’s and have a little Phelps Insignia tasting of '94, '95, and '97 along with a starter and finisher yet to be determined.

That won’t suck. [welldone.gif]

I could easily arrange a similar event for you and your lovely in Sedona in October.

Tonight will be an 07 Windy Oaks Cuvee Pinot, SCM. Not sure after that.

We’ll see what the cards have in store for us. Our travel plans and days are in a state of flux. We might just be blowing through town.

Tonight and tomorrow night: stoli on the rocks with lime (hey who are we kidding, I’ll probably dip into the rail rack).

Sunday night: might bust out a Leflaive Charlie for my pop’s lobster birthday dinner.

Barrel tasting some 08 Keefer Ranch Pinots with Craig S.

Tasting some stuff at Eric Kent when a friend picks up wine

Lynmar Winery Pizza and Pinot party

Sunday - nothing

All '79’s
Krug CdM
Krug collection mag
Pol Roger SWC mag
Roederer mag
La Grande Dame
Taittinger rose
'76 DP

Several vintages/bottlings of Caduceus

45, 52, 58, 61, 64, 71 Monfortino

85, 90, 93, 95, 97 Soldera Riserva

66 Palmer mag

'85 DRC GE
A number of other red burgs blind

Sat -

August 1

On the wagon for a month to give several vital organs a much needed and deserved vacation.

Ray my 30th is in Dec and am slowly picking up some 79 Champagnes, please post your impressions.

Yes I plan on drinking.


Here’s a few from a dinner I was a part of from last year - I plan on posting some notes from tonight’s dinner as well.

We then finsished with a horizontal of '79 champagnes. I’m running out of time as I’m typing this, so I’ll just put them in categories and summarize.

All 1979’s

The following twelve champagnes are in order of my personal preference on this evening.

Salon was singing from the get go, a perfect example of a youthful champagne entering into its next level of maturity. Vibrant, effusive, but starting to show complexities of age. Killer minus

Krug the most powerful and made a home stretch run after an hour or so. Great +

Taittinger CdC - Buttered popcorn on the nose. Sweetest fruit of all the wines on the palate Great

Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill Mag - opened 7 hours earlier in the day and then recorked. Great

Cristal - The most elegant and mature of those champagnes in the top tier. Great minus

The next tier, while a notch below the top, was barely a notch below and showed how consistent this vintage was. All great values for their quality

Charles Heidsick Cuvee Charlie - Great minerals and chalk. Excellent +

Dom Ruinart BdB - very creamy Excellent

Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque - great dark horse showing. Excellent minus

Piper Heidsick Cuvee Rare - I first drank this particular champagne at Bern’s a year or two ago and have since been buying it whenever I see it. Stony. Excellent minus.

This next group was several levels of quality below the above and honestly I didn’t finish any of them. All were Fair + or Good minus.


Diebolt Vallois


We’ll stat with the regular tasting at Susan’s Fine Wines. Tonight will be a selection From the distributor Boutique Wines.

Then we’ll come back home a try some of a brisket from Willy Ray’s, probably with some sort of Zinfandel.

Tomorrow we’ll be at Jeff Pfohl’s in Albuquerque for a whole suckling pig with whatever Jeff’s pouring.

Sunday we’ll be recovering with something.

Friday night - CHECK!
Saturday night - CHECK!
Sunday afternoon - CHECK!

Are you any closer to deciding what to pull for tonight than I am? headbang

This for certain.
2007 Joh. Jos. Christoffel Erben Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spätlese

Maybe a red…maybe not. neener