It's The Weekend...What Is Everyone Drinking????

Tomorrow for sure:

1998 Insignia
1999 Pavie
2001 Pavie Decesse
2004 Pavie

2004 Pavie eh? I’m curious to hear how this one shows. I’ve got one myself that I have been looking at lately.

I might go for an 04 Vieux Chateau Certan at some point this weekend. Certainly during the day today the wife and I will be popping a Tavel Rosè as it’s about 9000° outside.

You might want to bring one of these:

Big blind wine dinner tomorrow night that mostly fruit bomb fans are providing wines for. Should be interesting.

Had one about three months ago…typical young Pavie that is massively concentrated and full throttle. Not as good as the '03 or '01, but for $90 it will do. Seriously, with six hours of decant on it, it will be singing.


Maybe you should find some of this:

98 pts!


Ok Jay Miller - whatever you say. (that is a Washington wine afterall)

I docked it two points for the rather plain label with no indication of alcohol content. [ok.gif]

Ameztoi Rubentis 2008- Rose of Txakoli
San Lorenzo Verdicchio Vigne Delle Oche 2006
Haven’t figured out the red yet, possibly 95 Montrose. I have some mags that I may open too, we have 5 of us drinking.

Tonight: 2002 Flora Springs Trilogy. Not sure about he rest of the weekend.

Go get one… only $10" onclick=";return false;


And here I thought that was some sort of gag picture.

Sunday at the Bowl with Femi Kuti:

A. Robert Blanc de Blancs 2002 Grand Cru Les Mesnil

Dario Raccaro Collio Malvasia 2007, Friuli

Marco Donati Teroldego Sangue di Drago 1982, Trentino

Stella Campalto Brunello di Montalcino 2004, Toscana

Something French that Dan Fredman will bring.

Here’s Femi, live in NYC ROCKING the joint:

Femi Kuti & Positive Force Fillmore New York @ Irving Plaza 6-4-09 - YouTube" onclick=“;return false;

Also on the bill, the sweet soul of Raphael Saadiq: - YouTube” onclick=";return false;

2004 Heitz Cabernet Sauvignon

We’re having a decent sized party for our daughter’s high school graduation, our son’s and my wife’s sister’s birthdays and fathers’ day, so …

1/6 keg of Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA
5L bottle of Patricia Green Eason Pinot Noir (maybe, let’s see how much IPA we drink)
2007 Bohemian Highway California Chardonnay

The Bohemian Highway chard is a great party wine when you have a mix of sophistication in your crowd. At $10 a magnum, it is better than a lot of $15 a bottle chards, so serious winedrinkers are pleasantly surprised and more casual ones are very happy.

I first tasted it last summer at a local store. Our entire group was shocked by the quality level as we were expecting, at best, something mediocre.

PS - I had tickets to see Fela Kuti one time, but the Nigerian government wouldn’t let him out of the country. [1928_middle_finger.gif]

The family is taking me out to a local Italian BYOB for Father’s Day tomorrow, so I’ve got a '90 Altare Barolo normale, '90 Manzone Barolo Le Gramolere and a '90 Percarlo stood up.

A white wines of the world tasting is on tap for tomorrow. Some of the highlights:

96 Clos des Goisses
08 Corra SB
SQN Boot (or Petition)
06 Clos de Papes
06 Peter Michael Point Rouge
98 Bouchard La Cabotte
Aubert (TBD)
Scholium Farina
Alban Viognier
Baumard Quarts
Margan Semillon Botrytis

I think in all we have 7 flights of 3 plus the Goisses as a starter.

I’ll report back on Sunday.

I have two bottles on deck: either the 1870 Lafite magnum or the 2006 K Vintners Motor City Kitty. [berserker.gif]

Going to the big lake tomorrow…so it will just be some whites…but Sunday is my day and I have some Rack of Lamb on deck…thinking I might treat myself to something special…maybe a '90 Giacosa SSR of a '90 Gaja Sori Tilden…I just feel guilty of drinking those by myself though…