It's Friday, 2/26/2009....What Is Everyone Drinking This Weekend?

Zero plans for us so far.

“Up” are a 1966 Louis Martini “California Mountain” and a 1988 Chateau Haut Brion. There is a bright orange pricing sticker on the HB that says $69.95. Stored perfectly since release - should be fantastic.

WTF happened to all the 2002 cab participants?

14 year-old is having a couple of friends over for dinner (burgers & fries) so cheap and cheerful wine tonight
Maybe the Havens black & blue? My wife works for Walgreens corporate office and they recently added beer and wine to the IL stores so I got a bottle of their house brand chardonnay ($3.99) and without any commentary from me, I’ll see how she likes it… [stirthepothal.gif] (If I tell her it’s the house brand and costs <$4 she will hate it for sure)

That makes it easier then…2002 Rudd Estate Cab.

In ‘celebration’ of yet another snowstorm here, I’m tempted to open my first 06 Kutch McDougall pinot this evening.

I guess I’ll pop an 02 cab tomorrow.

Hopefully I can ween myself off the post surgery percocet to enjoy some vino tonight! For now, just water. headbang -mJ

Going to check in on 2004 Château Malescot St. Exupery.

I’ve got a blind pinot noir tasting here in DC tonight. While I’m not sure what everyone is bringing, I’m bringing the following:

2006 Whetstone Wine Cellars Pinot Noir Bella Vigna Vineyard
2006 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir Keefer Ranch Vineyard

I’ve got an '02 Beringer PR I could pop…

A wine and steak dinner tomorrow night. Wines will be tasted blind. I’m thinking of bringing a Ridge Montebello but I’ve been known to change my mind. I have some 05’ Malescot that I have yet to try. I know it’ very young but I do have enough bottles to open one of them at this young stage. [cheers.gif]

I had my last bottle of 01 Rudd last year…what a shame I have none left. It was excellent!!

I have two 2002 and one 2001 left from six of each. All have been outstanding.

I’m thinking the Cabot Humboldt County Syrah 2006 and either a Ridge Pagani Vyd Mataro ATP 1995 or a BV GdL 1981.

Bill, here’s my tasting notes from Jan 2009 on the 01’ Rudd. If I had one left I would defintely wait 5 yrs or so to open it.

2001 Rudd Estate, Oakville Cabernet…touch of menthol on the nose along with licorice, leather, chocolate. I had this wine about five years ago and it is still a big, powerful wine with massive flavors of black fruit, blueberry, chocolate. Very sweet and intensely concentrated flavors. Still needs at least 5-10 yrs but a very well made Oakville cabernet. This was decanted 2 hrs.

02 Martin Estate Reserve tonight with Rib Roast.

Feb 27th is “Open That Bottle Night”…

Since we are having a bunch of friends over, we’re making OTBN tonight instead and tomorrow night… An 03 Cos d’Estournel has been talking to me in my sleep lately…

'03 Cos is full of win. Had it during the Super Bowl.

Saturday night

Will start with 2008 Scholium Project Naucratis Lost Slough Vineyards, followed by 2006 Herman Story Syrah Nuts and Bolts.

To conclude, the Noval Port that everyones talking about on the board. (Will start this tonight). [wink.gif]