It's Friday, 2/26/2009....What Is Everyone Drinking This Weekend?

Dan - that 08 Naucratis is 16.5%+ EtOH. Just sayin’…

I’ll look forward to the note. I have one bottle of '02 in the cellar, and I have been told it is still quite young for Rudd…

Its now 1:15 on the wet west coast and i am thinking about a beer or 2 to get things going.

Team USA has thrown a 6-spot on Finland and watching some of the PGA’s best get booed by the patrons @ #16 on the TPC Scottsdale is making me thirsty.

As for tonight, I’m thinking a Holdredge Pinot…

In honor of OTBN (and just 'cause it gives me an excuse), tomorrow it’s:

2002 Marquis Philips Integrity Shiraz
2005 Two Hands Charlie’s Patch Napa Cab

Still holding on to two '01’s.

Sushi tonight, so any wine will wait until I get home and watch the recorded hockey games.

Tomorrow night I will be at a fundraising crab feed, and I will be drinking some Beringer Chard that my wife has donated.

Sunday night will be a 2002 Cab.

Just popped it… You are so right. “full of win”

My wife is making a pork tenderloin dish tomorrow in a mustard/cream/white wine sauce, and we’ve got family coming over, so I decided to do an all-Austrian tasting. I’ve located:

  • 2004 Alzinger GV Smaragd Loibenberg
  • 2005 Hirtzberger GV Rotes Tor Smaragd
  • 2006 Hirtzberger GV Rotes Tor Smaragd
  • 2004 Alzinger GV Muhlpoint Federspiel
  • 2005 Prager GV Hinter den Berg Federspiel

I thought the comparison for folks between the Smaragd & Federspiel levels of ripeness might prove interesting, and my wife tends to like Gruner Veltliner better than Austrian rieslings (although I also stood up three Nigl rieslings from '04, '05 & '06 in case the group is extra thirsty [wink.gif] ).

Just recovering from the flu. Because of meds, even water tastes strange. No wine for me until Monday.

I hate getting sick.


06 PB Hein Vernasco Vyrds

followed by

05 Two Hand Brave Faces

Tomorrow is OTBN so going with an 1981 Château Ducru-Beaucaillou

Popped an '06 Saxum Booker Syrah to consume tomorrow (well, most of it) and an '07 Linne Calodo Cherry Red to start the festivities tonight.

Cheap Vodka, and lots of it. [wow.gif]

You guys need to be more spontaneous.

Did you decide to put it on the dinner salad? [wow.gif]

2006 Cabot Kimberly’s for me
2000 Twomey Merlot for the wife
Formula for the 6 week old

Both showing nicely.

1997 Smith Madrone Estate cab… 13.4% abv?!? First glass smells lovely.

I’m going with the 05 St. Innocent Seven Springs.

A little Ketcham P/N to wash down the left over pizza from lunch. The 02 Jones family for the virtual may have to be with dinner tomorrow. It’ll take us another hour to decide on the wine to go with the late/lite dinner of quesadillas, or however it is spelled.

Just got back from Tyler Rico’s sendoff beers and shots after work (and had to give him a shipper for his journey). Go get 'em in Sacramento, buddy!

Offered up a 2002 Montelena Estate if he wanted to stop by this weekend so as to take part in the 2002 Napa Berserkers Tasting as well as to pour him a quality glass before the young man goes back to the west.

I’m glad I opened this tonight. Tasted on pop and pour. Tasted at 2 hours. Tasted at 4 hours. [swearing.gif]

I gave my wife a taste. The face she made wasn’t pretty.

This is somewhat tannic and bitter. I’ll re-taste at 6:00 tomorrow night. Good thing I have some sweeties of the white/yellow variety that will serve as a last minute substitution.

After reading all the reviews, I’m disappointed.

Pine Ridge 2002 Onyx. will report later.