ISO Westvleteren

Does anyone have a source for Westvleteren that would be willing to share? I have seen some for sale on EBAY but don’t trust that these would be legitimate. Any advice on how to go about sourcing some would be greatly appreciated.

I have a few bottles I might sell if you only want a few.

Tyler Rico, a member here, had some for sale last year; you might PM him to ask what he’s got.

Yes he did; Tyler is who I bought mine from. And I think he used the company I linked.

Thanks for the info. I will get in touch with Tyler.

I bought my case in Amsterdam earlier this year. It’s easy to source Cantillon in Amsterdam too.

Kevin do you have 2 different accounts here?

I’d be interested in buying or trading for a few bottles if any one is interested TIA

Don’t know where you’re located Kevin, but if it’s on the west coast, LAX customs are rejecting pretty much every box from Belgium from the major beer sellers.

let me get this straight. bringing wine back is no problem for most as reported in other threads, but beer which costs a lot less is a problem?




in for a case at a fair price

It’s more to do with these companies trying to skirt alcohol laws. They dont even attempt to hide they are sending alcohol but with zero declaration or approval. Since it’s a business sending it its an issue.

Yes I think so. For some reason I could not get into my old account and reset one up in my name again. Not sure what happened.

If someone smarter than me knows how to setup a shipment, we might get enough interested parties to make a large purchase worthwhile.

Have you tried Belgium in a box?

success there previously.

Currently not shipping to the west coast. LAX customs is rejecting almost all boxes.

Hey, look! I found some!!!

Dear Drew,

You suck.



[wink.gif] neener [berserker.gif]

So attacking this issue from another angle, what is the most similar beer that is reasonably available in the states? I have had plenty of Belgian browns but nothing I have tried comes close enough for me. Would love to have a few suggestions to try.

And I just ordered 12 bottles from the beers of Belgium website. Will post if I actually get them.