ISO Westvleteren

Any ideas where to pick it up in Brussels? I’ll have a couple of hours tomorrow, would love to bring some back.


Try calling before heading over, unless it’s close to where you will be:

De Biertempel
Rue du Marché aux Herbes 56
Brussels, 1000
phone: +32 2 502 19 06

Thx. Should have thought of this earlier… Literally two blocks from my hotel, but not sure I can get back tomorrow. Will post if so - thank you.

St Bernardous 12. You won’t know the difference, and at a fraction of the cost.

St Bernardus made the Westvleteran beers from 1962 until 1992. I suspect their version is pretty close.

That would explain it I suppose. I love both and have both in my cellar. But the Bernardous is so much easier to come by and less expensive that it makes it hard to justify the Westy unless you 1) just want to experience it 2) need to impress someone. I still have six bottles after having had a few already so I am not sure which option I fall under.

LOL @ Cantillon being closed on Wednesdays. Really?

Odds are this bar will have a better selection on hand to taste than Cantillon:

Moeder Lambic Fontainas
Place Fontainas 8
Brussels, 1000
phone: +32 2 503 60 68


Cantillon has fou foune and lou pepe framboise btls for sale right now :frowning:

Wouldn’t have mattered. I bumped up trains and caught a ride with my upline directly from our review, so there was no Cantillon this round. Good news is that I know where to go now and I’m sure I’ll be back.

St Bernardous 12. You won’t know the difference, and at a fraction of the cost.[/quote]

Great. Will try to find it this weekend.

Great. Will try to find it this weekend.[/quote]

I have never tried them next to each other, especially at the same age but I am making plans to. When I have tasted Westy I have enjoyed it more than St. Bernardous 12 but who knows what is at play there. Still, Rochefort 10 with a little age beats them both.


I think rockport 10 is pretty close. Closer than st bernardus imo. Ymmv

I just received my order from Beers of Belgium and everything looks good.

That is good news, Kevin. Did they charge any import fees?

Shipping was pretty high so import fees may have been included in that number. I have to assume that they paid whatever fees they were required to pay in order to get the package delivered correctly. they did not hide the fact that the package contained beer.

none of those belgium companies actually pay the import fee cause they don’t have a license to import in. Based on the price on their website it’s the standard shipping price that they charge. It’s expensive to ship international!

Rochefort 10 right?