Is trading bourbon for wine typically done here?

Hello everyone!

This is actually my first post in this forum. I recently came into possession of two bottles of bourbon, and I absolutely hate bourbon but do appreciate some fine wines. I was debating selling the bottles to an online broker (shoutout epic cellars) and they advised that I might have better luck exchanging them with someone here.

I understand that there is a 25 post minimum in this forum to post in the classified section, but I just wanted to check here to see if people commonly trade bourbon for wine in this community.



Yes, enough bourbon aficionados here to broker a whiskey for wine swap


Yes people would probably be interested in trading if they were desirable/rare/allocated

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Fantastic, they are a pappy 12 and 10 year. Any idea which forum I post the trade offering in?

Commerce Corner

I’d be interested but if you’re new here, undoubtedly you would have to ship first to an established member.

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Please read the rules in the commerce corner first.

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I totally understand - I am a regular on multiple other forums and know the drill. I’d be willing to ship them to you first, and wait until you receive them before having you send out your end of the deal.

Also, we have a real name policy so please update your profile


Correct me if I’m wrong but the guidelines state that you should include at least either your full first name and an initial of your last name, or your full last name with at least your first name initial?

See here

Outed yourself :joy:
…but I’m wondering where your flags go exactly

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They show up in a moderator queue.

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You deleted your last name from your profile after we activated your account - full name MUST be there (if you dont have it as user name). I fixed it.