Inexpensive coffee grinders?

I have a Jura in my garage that someone gave me because the burr grinder in it stopped working. That thing sells for something. like $2500. We just returned a $50 Cuisinart burr grinder that stopped grinding after 5 or 6 uses.

I’ve read that burr grinders make much better coffee than blade machines, but it sure seems like burr technology is challenged. Anyone have a recommendation for a good grinder under $100. Preferably one that will grind a significant amount of beans without having to have a switch held down constantly (wife request)?

Let me know if you find one. We haven’t found one for under a $150 that lasted more than 6 months and most less than 4 months. Meanwhile, the Krups blade grinder we got as a wedding present 35 years ago is still grinding our coffee beans.

check out

I bought this Capresso 560 from amazon 3 years ago and it’s still going strong. It’s $95 right now.


I’ve also read that burr grinders are superior. But my Krups blade grinder has been going strong for 25 years.

^^^^^^^This is the best value for your money. the timer is great because you can walk away and not worry about it.

And for those burr grinder doubters. have your local coffee shop grind you a dose then grind your own at home as soon as possible and brew them side my side. you’ll see the difference, I promise, especially if you’ve ever picked out a flavor in a wine before. newhere

We have been using our old Braun 4045 for over 20 years. Still grinding beautifully. Made in Germany.

Saw these on ebay

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That’s the one my wife brought home last night. Fingers crossed. It’s made by Jura or appears to be. First use seemed better than the one she returned. Some grinders don’t give you access to the actual cutting mechanism for cleaning but this one does. Don’t think it’s a true BURR type though. Maybe that’s better.

Baratza Encore - awesome grinder

Todd’s suggestion. I use the next step up at home and my office, but if all I ever did was drip, I would buy what todd did.

BTW thats the same price at some of the inet dealers and places like seattle coffee gear and whole latte love run 10% off at most major holidays

for drip coffee or pourover, you can do well with most grinders in the $100-$150 range. but if you’re looking for espresso, the grinder will be, by far, the weakest link. in fact, at the lower end of espresso machines, the grinder will be MUCH more important than the machine.

an oxymoron?

Bought this unit a year or two ago and it works really well. A bit messy sometimes but very consistent grind. Tends to drop grinds after you remove the container unless you bounce the unit a bit as it finishes grinding

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The Capresso does exactly the same thing.

I’ve had this one for about 5 years now, $45 and still going strong. I got one for my Father in law, and it is 18 months old and still working great.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

I have the Baratza and I am on my third motor. They charged me $80 each time despite it being barely out of warranty the first time. I believe that the motor problem was a small epidemic a few years ago and they switched the motor type from DC to AC or vice versa. But, I’ve had it for six or seven years and Baratza’s turn around time is very good. If you splurge on the metal based unit, it does not suffer from the static electricity and Klingons (spelling intentional) that the all plastic unit has in the wintertime. Sorry for thread drift, but after twelve years of heavy use, I replaced my Technivorm Mochamaster with a Technivorm Mochamaster. The bike shop that sponsors our team has a sister business of roasting coffee and is a Technivorm dealer. Getting a discount and getting it immediately (in stock) was too good to pass up. New one has auto shut-off on burner after two hours and redesigned spout at the end of the water bar/bridge. The old one which is still perfectly good is going to one of my sons in college. My wife is pissed that I pissed away money replacing a perfectly good coffee maker. Oh well. Not the first or last time.

I loved this grinder. It lasted over 25 years for me as well.

This is our current grinder. Does a great job but as Mel said, it can be messy. I’ll try the bouncing technique. Most of my mess seems to result from post-grinding static electricity in the hopper

Any leftover hulls are easily cleaned up with a damp paper towel - I do that maybe once every 2 weeks, if that

Not sure why, but the amount of static cling seems to depend on the beans, less with a lighter roast, more with a darker, oilier looking roast.


To release stuck grounds after grinding, I give mine a gentle thwack with the heel of the hand on the front of the machine, just above the top edge of the container.