If you can only have one region for red wine?

Your favorite region for Red?

  • Burgundy
  • Bordeaux
  • Rhone
  • California
  • Washington/Oregon
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Other

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Always a tough question - in general I usually pick Bordeaux - between the left and right banks there are sufficient styles to satisfy my palate. California is a close second because there really is a bit more variety and with the cost of 09 Bords I am thinking I am buying more California and less Bordeaux.

I voted for Burgundy - because WHEN a Burg is fine it is the finest (red) wine in the world.
Unfortunately there are many Burgs that are NOT fine … even disapointing …

So I should have voted for RHONE because here I have at least the choice between North and South …

(BTW: for white wine I vote for Austria !!! ) flirtysmile

I voted for Burgundy - because WHEN a Burg is fine it is the finest (red) wine in the world.
Unfortunately there are many Burgs that are NOT fine … even disapointing … (even more than “disapointing”)

Thanks for answering my mind

flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile

Since Spain, Italy and Australia are “regions” in this poll, shouldn’t I have been able to vote for France? It would have made it easier to choose. [cheers.gif]

I voted for California because high quality red wines of many varieties are produced there.

When I first read the question, I assumed I’d be voting for Piemonte, which accounts for the largest portion of my cellar. But when I saw how John had set up the poll, it made voting for Italy a lay-up. I mean, I can have Nebbiolo, Sangiovese and Aglianico all for the price of a cabernet?

Burgundy but, I’m not a one region man. Closely on it’s heals are Pessac, Margaux, St Julien & Paulliac, Cote Rotie, Barolo, BDM, Tempranillo, CDP and many others. I love switching back and forth between regions and grapes.

Italy isn’t a wine region, it’s a country. And I don’t want to pollute my choice with Sangiovese, so I made my own poll:

http://www.wineberserkers.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=25673" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Not for me. Burgundy without question. Unlike some, I rarely have disapoitments. As long as I stick with producers where I like the style and prices then Im almost never disapointed.

I voted for CALIFORNIA. For me there is nothing better than a full bodied Napa cab.

I went with bdx because it’s still a great region that I can still afford, but if great burgundy was affordable I’d probably would have picked that. Next year I might think differently because I’m drinking and loving rhones and Piedmonts more often.

So ask me again in one year.

I thought long and hard about that for about one second…no. [berserker.gif]

Perhaps you’re not as sensitive to flaws and mistakes as some? neener

California for the sheer diversity of wine. I’d get bored to death only drinking bordeaux.

I love you, man. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… [cheers.gif] [snort.gif] newhere [smileyvault-ban.gif]

Thats the best way to stay married…

Or did you you mean my spelling?

I love Pinot and accept the greatness of Burgundy. That said, I believe that (at the $50-$75 price point) I can get equal or better site expression, more “Wow” and less “Oops” with traditionally-styled Califonia pinots from producers like Dehlinger, Rhys, Windy Oaks and Copain.

Bordeaux has worn out it’s welcome with me. I love Northern Rhones (especially Hermitage), but believe that California absolutely excels with Rhone varieties.

The last time I checked, the best Zinfandel was still from California. I picked California.

You’re a wise man Berry! [welldone.gif]

And thus the vote for Burgundy [thankyou.gif]

What burgundy producers do you buy? I find remarkable consistency with the producers I focus on. In fact I can often guess pretty much what a wine will taste like if I know the vintage, vineyard and producer well.

Berry, in all fairness, I don’t buy too much Burg anymore and haven’t for the past ten years or so. I do continue to taste Burgs, from time to time, however. I had an excellent Chambolle earlier in the year complements of Jim Coley and sampled a few with FMIII and Wells Gutherie up at Copain a couple of months back. My celler is a paltry 1% red Burgundy, but I’m hoping to obtain a couple of more via trade with Jim next month (are you out there Jim)? I’m open to the possibility that consistently great Burg priced under $75 exists, but am so pleased with the progression of traditionally-styled Pinots by the likes of the Rhys’ team (Harvey and Brinkman), Wells Guthrie, Jim Schultze and Tom Dehlinger that I don’t actively seek it out anymore (my previous Burgundy track record was dismal). I also love modern styled Pinots from LWC, Ketcham, Siduri, et all, but that is a different category.

I’m well aware that the traditionally-styled California producers that I buy from revere Burgundy and continue look to the mother country for advice and inspiration. If you could taste an 09 Copain Kiser En Haut, or an 08 Rhys Skyline, I wonder if you’d agree with me that the California upstarts are moving up the learning curve with amazing speed.