I’m getting too old to buy more wine!

No, not because I have more than enough to last me until I die, and not because I’m so old that I will die before any new-release stuff I would buy will be fully mature.

Rather, it’s just that Garagiste and Fass shipments arrived on the same day and I had to carry seven cases of wine in from the car and down the stairs to the cellar, and I can already tell that it’s going to take a crane to get me out of bed in the morning. I’m too old for this (stuff)!

That is why I hate going to offsite; my back is older than I am, and I feel my offsite visits for at least a couple days afterwards.

Oh good. Less people buying = lower price? :wink:

I have a bunch of six bottle carriers from wine stores. I put the wines in them when I get them into the house and then only carry six bottles at a time going down to the basement. Helps with the back. [In fact, I even find it easier to carry down two of these (one in each hand) that one big box that is awkward to take down the steps.]

I go to the gym at least once a week and work on heavy weights so that I can carry stuff to the basement, and I’m 68 years old, so stop whining becaue there is no H in wine. I just carried a wooden case full of heavy bottle of SQN down to the cellar and made it back alive.

I also keep a bottle of Naproxen and a back brace in the cellar just in case.

I’m sure you can bribe some youngin’ working at the wine shop. I help friends move for shitty beer.

I did not realize that SQN made wines that weigh more than other wines.

When I drive down to the UPS store in NY to pick up my shipments and bring them back to Toronto, I repack everything at the store because I don’t want to haul all the box inserts and styrofoam back home with me. UPS will recycle everything for $2 and it’s the best $2 I’ve ever spent.

But this inevitably means I’m repacking 18+ bottles into each shipping box so they don’t rattle around loosely on the drive home. Those boxes are fun to haul down to the basement, but I haven’t injured myself… so far… and I’m not young.

This is why Alfert has associates

LOL, their bottles weigh A LOT more empty than a DRC bottle weighs full.

Actually the wine weighs the same as other producers. It’s those stupid bottles! [wink.gif]

I wonder what their hourly rate is for the boss?

He’s in charge of the serf . . .er, associate reviews so they are only too happy to “help”

No complaints here. My drinking partner is also my Pilates teacher.

I thought that was the purpose of allowing the deer slayer to return home occasionally.

When I was a junior associate, I did some personal tax work for a partner. That Christmas, he gave me a bottle of 1969 la Tache as a present. Robert, are you paying attention?

+1 re what Howard said…I too use the 6 bottle carry bags to bring wine down to my cellar…much easier,and safer, than schlepping a case down the stairs…and my back thanks me every time

Necessary accessories for any over-50 wine lover -

Wine Berserkers and Cellar Tracker accounts
Wine Opener
Wine Glasses

Every time I carry a case down I think “I need to start unpacking these upstairs and taking them down 6 at a time - I’m no Jay Hack after all,” but I’m still too proud (and too close to 50) to take that step. The legs and the arms still have it. The back, not so much. I need to get me one of them pilates teaching drinking buddies, I guess.

Maybe avoid Peter Griffin’s advice “The key is to put it all in your groin and your back, take your legs totally out of the equation. Lift with your lower back in a jerking, twisting motion.”

It’s the social signaling components that add weight.