I don't need any more wine


I don’t need ANY more wine.

I don’t need any more wine.

Not that one, no, or that one over there.

No I have enough of that, and of that as well.

I don’t need any more wine.

Seriously. Am I immortal? No I am not. Am I drinking more or less? Answer: less.

No more. Starting now.

Good Luck!

Ain’t that the truth!?!

So how are the 2011s lookin?

If I were purely rational about it, I’d stop buying for several years as well, other than buying some whites and roses to the extent needed to keep in stock of those. I have way too much, and the ongoing expenditures really make little sense, other than (if I’m being honest with myself) that finding, trying and obtaining has become almost as much of this hobby to me as the drinking and enjoying (which I do both of in spades still).

I did cancel my winebid account a few months ago, and that saves me a few hundred dollars and another case of wine per month, even though I really do love winebid and I have thoroughly enjoyed how that has helped me to explore the wine world over the years, trying old wines, obscure wines, hunting for odd bargains, etc.

Oh well. I guess of the bad habits I could have, this isn’t particularly terrible. I don’t do drugs, I don’t gamble except de minimum amounts, I don’t cheat on my wife, I don’t smoke, I’m not an alcoholic . . . But still, I should probably make somewhat better decisions about buying. Maybe next year.

I don’t need any more either… I have enough to last many many years.

What does need have to do with anything?

both Eurocaves totally packed–not room for another bottle.
Fortunately I have no more arriving
(until tomorrow)

I don’t need anything either. I am almost completely out of space.

I have 21 bottles pending.

And my wife and I fly out to Napa tomorrow night for four days with six appointments and a list of possibilities.

And we have an empty WIne Check.


Uh huh. Errare humanum est.

Time to start the buyers-anonymous support thread? Post when you get the urge to buy, and people post to talk you down. Either that or Salil swoops in and cleans out the stuff. Either way it’s all good.

Somebody start a “moratorium” thread on WB, it’s great support when you think you’re falling off the no-buy wagon.

Unfortunately, I’m not ready to admit I have a problem.

Wouldn’t that be like hosting an AA meeting in a bar?

It’s either that or delete our WB accounts.

Neal, I say the same thing each and every morning!

Today I “needed” 3 more btls of 2010 Michel Bouzereau Bourgogne Blanc. Last week I “needed” three 2009 Jamet Cote Rotie. I’d love to follow Neal’s lead but it won’t happen this week :slight_smile:

I’ve been beating that into my head for the past three years. It’s still a problem!

You can send me your surplus

Who is going to buy, store and properly age wine for your grandchildren?

I certainly don’t need more, but why should that hold me back. I don’t feel that I have too much and there are always new yummy bottles for me to buy. If I could keep purchases down to 200 bottles per year all would be well.

I have a Post-It on my computer that says “Really?”. I look at it right before hitting the Order button and it’s been pretty (although not perfectly) effective