How Many Different Wines Do You Have in Your Cellar?

I saw on another thread someone post that they have over 1,600 different wines in their collection, which inspired me to create this thread. By different wines, I mean different vintage of the same wine, different cuvee, etc.

My collection: 369 wines (out of a total of 1,200).

Too many and not enough.


489 different wines, however quite a bit of different vintages of same wines.

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A little over 1200 different wines.


381 different wines out of a total of 780. This does not include Roses.

Dan Kravitz

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2,823 different wines. What can I say, I like variety.


I need to bring some perspective to this thread–50.

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1251 different wines, from 219 producers, 688 vintages, 28 varieties (can’t use CT’s term “ varietal”)

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Nice. I haven’t counted–and probably don’t have time–but I still don’t buy cases of things. If I had to guestimate, probably somewhere around 75-80% of my 600 or so bottles are different wines. It’s a good and worthwhile question, Emery.

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How do you find this in CT :)?


In my cellar, My wines, bottom right underneath list is a summary that says:

  • Collection: XXXX bottles in XXX wines /

Mine currently says Collection: 1,129 bottles in 475 wines

It also lists a total value if you want to a) scare the crap out of yourself, or b) bask in the glory of your treasure.



Mine says 4,720 or so different wines… LOL


I have 899 wines out of 1860 bottles. To me, this seems diverse. But yet I know that there are substantial gaps, like inexpensive Italian for pizza/pasta nights, less Spanish than I should have, etc…

You have a vertical back to the 14th century? :slight_smile:


I’d like to introduce you to this group. You start with, “Hi, my name is Jonathan, and I have a problem”

You are making me feel better about my wine buying addiction.

Glad I can help you Josh - I’m here to help you buy as much wine as you can :).

410 wines over 1038 bottles.

Have pity on me.
Only 1087

1003 different wines out of 1850