How irrelevant has The Delectable Wine App become?

Ever since Vinous bought it and made it a pay to play it has become pretty sad.

Just today I This email hit my inbox…
I click on Delectable and find this from
7 years, yes, 7 years ago.

Between the app not recognizing half the wines I upload to such up to date database adds it’s become something that I once used every day to something I occasionally use when I go out to eat. Once in the past 6 months.

Are you done with it too or am
I just an old guy yelling at a cloud?

Never used it. The only person I know who does is Sneaker Guy. Think I’ll stick with Cellar Tracker. What does it do that Cellar Tracker doesn’t?

It’s not a Cellartracker type of app. It’s a social networking wine app where users posted what they were drinking in image format with a quick rating/note or-not to share where they are enjoying it and with whom. Frequented by winemakers and other ITBs it used to be a place to find what’s trending in wine. Now it’s become an afterthought.

I like it. Keeps track of what I’ve had and check on others.

I used to use it almost daily. Don’t think I’ve posted anything in a year.

I’m in the same camp. It’s the easiest way for me to keep up with which wines I’ve had and with what some of my friends are drinking.

I use Instagram for this. More people, better interface, no app switching, better post variety (ie not just direct label shots) and context (ie drank next to). Sure you can’t buy direct and you have to actually type what you had but overall a better experience for me on insta.

and I like having a picture of each bottle and remembering when I had it.

Never bothered with it. I am on enough media platforms already.

I’m starting to use Instagram some, but it isn’t a real substitute for me because I’m not going to type enough details into the entries to be able to find each wine when searching back for them. I have over 4,000 wines entered in Delectable and while their search engine isn’t the best, it serves the purpose of assisting my memory.

How was the Chardonnay?

Here’s something you may not know about Delectable, and my non compete has expired I believe, for the first 2 years when all you peeps used to take pictures of your wine bottles so the ‘algorithm’ could identify your wine label… Myself and 9 other individuals were the algorithm. The facial recognition software was never able to identify the nuances of wine labels. Your photos used to ping right to my phone or laptop and I’d enter al the info into the database and ‘identify’ your wine and send the card back to you.

That all makes sense now because they could ID all my Jolie-Laide among others and now cannot ID a CAT even if I spot them the T C and A.

Vivino and Delectable always seemed relatively identical. With more usage, Vivino is the winner, and it still functions when you don’t have a connection, which is nice. So far, the bottle IDing in Vivino works pretty well. It tries to sell you stuff, but what doesn’t these days. Outside bottle pics tho, CT is still the big winner, of course. Doesn’t Vivino and CT have a connection, or had, or I’m dreaming?

FWIW “non-compete” is not the same as a confidentiality or non-disclosure clause. Keeping confidentiality is often in perpetuity, not time bound. I will let you be the judge of your own legal obligations, but if this is something that is not public info, you may be in violation.

/end pedantic mode

I know you don’t care but…

Based on my rating and lack of a note I wasn’t moved. Has it again a couple years ago and it really transformed into something great.

Yeah my thoughts exactly - Delectable and Vivino serve roughly the same purpose as far as I’m aware but Vivino has won out, and it’s really a winner-take-most dynamic here, as users will gravitate to the app that has more reviews / users already.

I do this as well and I haven’t found an app that has nailed it. What are the things I’m trying to do?

If it’s a bottle I have:

  1. I need to subtract from my inventory
  2. I want to enter a note for that bottle
  3. I want a picture of the bottle with a geotag / desc of where I drank it, with whom I drank it, and other bottles I had it with
  4. I want to share the notes and photos selectively
  5. I want to see whether my experience was like others or my past experience

If it’s a bottle I don’t have:
3,4,5 above + add to a wishlist if I like / check pricing or add to a didnt like list

Most of these steps are done in CT or Insta. Steps 3 and 4 are the ones that really aren’t great end-to-end in either CT or Instagram. I often have to split these across the apps or do them twice.

I used it and enjoyed it at the beginning. I slowed down using it and then stopped altogether and deleted the app. Too many little issues with it and support team was unresponsive.

Correct, CT mobile app uses API to vivino for label image recognition.