Holiday dinner: Flannery, garlic noodles, Pichon Baron, Lynch Bages, Roulot, Chave, Prevost, Dom, etc.

Thanks to dteng for opening his house once again to many Berserkers and other crazed people, many of whom seem to have left things behind (look for posting on Commerce Corner). There was lots of excellent food including Flannery Jorge and hanger, Gene’s garlic noodles, Dan K’s anchovy infused salad, and many others. I brought cheese, notably a Jasper Hill Harbison washed in Prosecco that I had not previously seen.

My pictures are missing quite a few wines including a 2002 Dom, Prevost Beguines LC16, a ZH VT and others. Please fill in. I didn’t take any notes so I’ll just post some impressions.

Stars in the whites for me were the 2010 Bouchard Meursault Perrieres and 2008 Roulot Meursault Vireuils, the former more powerful and the latter super minerally and with a fantastic texture. 2010 Louis Latour CC was also very good. The 02 Bouchard Genevrieres had some oxidation in the nose but later in the night I liked it quite a bit.

We had a great comparison of 81/89/90 Pichon Baron and 89/90 Lynch Bages. Unfortunately a 75 Lynch was corked. The 89/90 vintage difference really showed, with 89s more classic and 90s more glossy and easy. To my taste, 89 Lynch Bages has drunk well since release though it’s still debatable if you can call it mature. It has developed a lot of complexity and was my favorite of these. The 81 PB stood out as being the most resolved as well as lighter, but that’s only in comparison to four pretty powerful wines. I continue to be very happy with well stored 81s.

There was a super 75 Vina Real Rioja and a 2004 Chave Hermitage Rouge that drank very well, though still not at optimum age to my taste. I may be my sing lots of others.

Thanks all for a great evening! Please fill in your notes.

Pics of food, please! :slight_smile:

Flannery’s Jorge…


Love the pics!


Only a WB thread could get so quickly derailed from focusing on the wines poured to focus instead on pics of food…

Great night of vino, food and camaraderie! Most of the wines performed as expected (i.e. some higher than typical expectations), with very few clunkers.

Wait, what about the ham?

I thought we agreed never to talk about the ham…

Flannery Jorge without a single CA wine?? Sacrilegious.

Otherwise, just dayum…good work y’all!!

94 Mondavi Reserve :slight_smile:

Sounds good!

Wanna see garlic noodles!

Ooo, talk dirty.

2 red Burgs: '99 Chevillon NSG “Les Saints Georges” and '89 Comte Armand Pommard “Clos des Epeneaux”. The Pommard started off as the better wine. After a couple of hours in a decanter, Chevillon really showed its stuff. Still not ready, but it wasn’t a crime to drink it now.

1994 Zind-Humbrecht Pinot Gris Rangen de Thann VT. I’m not a fan of the regular Z-H wines (too sweet for me), but their VTs and SGNs can be terrific. This was stellar.

Dan, what was the Tokay you opened? That was lovely.

Alan -

How did you guys prep the grill for this? I assume charcoal, yes?

This was dteng’s house, so we were limited by his primitive equipment :wink:

Dan did the cooking, electric smoker at about 275 to 130, then seared on the gas Weber. Turned out perfectly medium rare. Also had Flannery hangers, which are always amazing.

I’m pretty sure I ate at least 3 dozen of those deliciously plump steamed shrimp.

“Town of Cats”=Catskill, NY?

Looks like a nice dinner!

OK, I’ll explain the joke, as Craig is unlikely to.

Town of Cats = Los Gatos

Says the noodle slinger [grin.gif]

Looks like a fantastic lineup of wine and food, Craig (nice new avatar BTW). Glad the 81 showed well for you. I have only had a 94 late harvest from ZH once (I think it was also a PG VT), but it was haunting.

I didn’t take any pics of the batch I whipped up Saturday. Best I could find on my iPad was this fuzzy shot from a prior dinner hosted by a forumite, but you can get the gist of what they look like.

Anyone get pics of the jamon as well as the smoked pork belly?