Holiday dinner: Flannery, garlic noodles, Pichon Baron, Lynch Bages, Roulot, Chave, Prevost, Dom, etc.

Sounds like a phenomenal dinner!

Not Chinatown? newhere

You’ll be hearing from my lawyer too.

Love me some Flannery hanger… which was SOTN? [dance-clap.gif]

I also made smoked pork belly!

This was the Tokaji…
Costco baby!

Surprised no one took pics of the meats, cheeses and bread apps…that was crazy good…and a sight to behold!
Sachi brought jamon/chorizo/cheese back from Spain and Craig brought over bread/cheese from Manresa.

I think the fact that we weren’t spending time taking pictures of the food is a testament to how much fun we were having [cheers.gif]

I think I pulled the Jorge out at about 127 then grilled…
Man, it was so damn good.