Here's a can of worms: Show me a really strong Napa QPR.

Napa is/was my first love. That said, I am really getting the sense that 2007 CdRs, Italians, Spanish, and some other French are just trouncing Napa wines in terms of overall QPR(and balance often). Have at it. I have had some strong Napa/Sonoma closeout QPRs as of late, but not like some $10 CdRs that are legit 90+ wines, even if Parker overscored most.

Cameron Hughes Lot 175 Merlot. Ten bucks at Costco. Buy it by the case.

I didn’t see that at my local costco unfortunately. I’d love a QPR napa merlot post-Havens.

Can’t wait for someone to post an LA retailer’s blast today of Pahlmeyer’s 2005 Proprietary Red at only $95… wuz $150!!! (in whose dreams???) HUUUUGE QPR, 'cepin for the 10% Merlot added…


I actually wanna see what goes for a Napa QPR these days. [thankyou.gif]

Your in luck, as posted on CellarTracker… [berserker.gif]

Tasted by OneLastSyrah on 6/23/2010 & rated 88 points: 14.8% ABV. Confirmed Pintag’s note about this coming from Havens. Stylistically, it tastes it, but it seems a bit riper than the 2004-2006 versions of the wine I have tasted, which I guess makes some sense given the quality of the '07 vintage. Translucent dark garnet in the glass. Ripe red berry fruit with some mocha, leafy, and earthy undertones. Medium bodied and fairly well balanced. I find this to be pretty pleasant for $10. 88-89. (63 views) - report issue | favorite author
Tasted by PIntag on 6/18/2010 & rated 85 points: Note: The Cameron Hughes website says that this is juice from the now-defunct Havens Wine Cellars winery.

The Nine North Co. “10 Mile - The Broken Road” was a favorite QPR around $10 and BevMo recently had it on $0.05 sale. Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Carignane and Barbera blend.


I do really like the 07 Chapellet MT Cuvee which can be had for around $20. That said, there isn’t a lot of value in the 95pt+ Napa Cabs that sell for 2-4 times as much as an equivalent BDX. Just had a terrific '04 Brane Cantenac Margaux that I paid $38 for.


I guess it depends on one’s $ range for qpr but would agree with Mike P that Ruston Cab (current 07 Rutherford $30) is a great Cab QPR.

The 05 which some of us loaded up on at $ 20 was my buy of the decade. Had a bottle early this week and it was terrific. Great expression of Napa cab.Not over the top with excellent balance.


The Steltzner Claret is usually a pretty good value in the $12 - $15 range.

Mike- had the 02 Rutherford Cab from magnum this week. This was the first Ruston cab that got me started. Brought to dinner with friends it showed great and has held up well. Really good Rutherford cab. The 07 will have a Rutherford desginate and John thinks this is his best regular cab to date.

Jocelyn Cabs fit my palate and they run around $20.

The BV Rutherford cab is back on form, and can be had in the low/mid-$20s. It’s balanced and tastes like real Napa cab.

Ty Caton makes a good Napa Cab for around $25.

I dont’ believe he makes anything for 25 bucks. Most of his reds are ~$40 unless you found a really good sale somewhere.

Louis Martini SoCo & Clos du Bois AV are usually good and about $20.


Hardin 2007 Cab (approx $22)


I think there has been a nice list of wines in the $10-$20 range.

A little bit higher, but still a QPR in my opinion, is the Hendry Ranch Red Wine ($33). Bordeaux blend. Western Napa, base of Mt. Veeder. Very consistent and delicious wine.