Here's a can of worms: Show me a really strong Napa QPR.


Mike -

i bought the Hardin on your review (think it was in CT). Many thanks! What do you think its aging potential is? BTW… I tried 5 cabs in that range and Hardin was my fav (Chappellet Mtn Cuvee, Anderson CVV Prologue, Lonen, The Sum and Hardin).

Off topic - Two Hands Charlie 2007 - how do you rate that QPR…


2007 Sean Minor cab. Only $15.



thanks… may drop by posner and pick up a few…have 3 each of 06 and 07

u ever have vineyard 29 cru?



I picked up one of these a few weeks ago, and really enjoyed it. I’ve been meaning to go back to pick a few up.

The 2005 Judd’s Hill Napa Cab that can be found at local Portland Grocery Outlets at $12-13 is pretty tasty.



'05 Downhill Giuliani Vyd. C.S. (current release) is $28 (and 92 pts from me). Expressive, balanced and ready to go.

Mockingbird Hill '07 Cab @ $15 (WTSO); supposedly available for less elsewhere. (I’ve not seen it tho)

07 Hardin Cab -$22.00
07 Cameron Hughes Cab Lot 116 -$18.70
07 Cameron Hughes Cab Lot 143 - $18.70
05 Karl Lawrence Aldin - $32.00

Ditto on the Mondavi “Napa” bottling. No one has mentioned the Educated Guess Cab yet – stunning stuff for the $17 price tag.

Any sources on that 2001 KL at $40 or is that a historical reference?


Make that a 3rd vote for Mondavi Napa Cab (year in and year out). Approx. 18.00 and holds its own against many cabs 4x the price.

2007 Prologue and 2007 Newton Cab around $20. Wicked pissa.


Caton is on wine.woot regularly, plus it seems like there is always some 50% off sale he is offering to customers on his email list. I don’t know if these offers are restricted to club members, but I think they aren’t.