Heitz Martha's Veritcal Tasting...To Go Or Not To Go?

A local steakhouse is having a vertical tasting in a couple of weeks for $85 plus gratuity…which means and even C-Note. Vintages are below, but may change due to sommelier discretion. Thoughts on going? Any vintages here not to be missed? I am assuming relatively small pours.


I’d go. So should you.
When will you get that oppurtunity again?


Sounds like a great opportunity…please post notes if you decide to go.



A friend did a similar vertical at his house quite a few years back, I left very impressed with the wines.

without question!

+2. Everything before 86 should be killer (focus on the 85)

That '91 is no slouch either! The '98 = meh! Probably not that good, but everything else looks like win.

Guess I’ll call at lunch time and see if I can get in.

Good boy! [thumbs-up.gif]

As someone said, everything before the mid-80s should be good to great, assuming good provenance/storage of course.


When was the Phylloxera damage, I forget. I have the 96 (first post-phylloxera vintage) and 97 in the cellar. I stopped buying as I think the price is not worth it anymore.

Nice lineup.

I’m a big fan of the '91 as well.

I just noticed no 74 or 75…that sucks.

Had '74 been offered in the lineup, I would have gone at pretty much any price point.

Would go in a heartbeat! Love the '91, and '86…the '70 should be grand as well…and you’ll be surprised at how good Heitz does in “off” Vintages.

Sometimes in tasting like this, people will bring their own to add…so who knows…the '74 just might show up?

Have fun, and post notes!

btw…hope you like herbs?

Not sure, but the '91 is an outstanding wine.

I think that 1993 was the last vintage before they pulled up the rootstock.

Yeah mint and eucalyptus.

Probably zero chance of a BYOB showing up at this particular steak joint. They have one of the deepest cellars in the Southwest and are very strict on nothing crossing their threshold.

BTW, I do like my mint and eucalyptus.

1977 is a very solid wine as well.