HDH’s Burgundy auction today

Prices don’t look too crazy relatively speaking.

Other than Rousseau and DRC, I have to agree. While I’m not seeing much of what I would call great deals, there’s a lot of reasonable prices coming through. If you’re looking to backfill 2012-2014 this is a pretty good event.

IDK. A lot of what I bid on is selling at high estimate or more. No interest in 2012-2014 so I’m not paying attention to those prices.

prices still seem pretty reasonable - many lots seem to only have one bidder

Totally agree with you, Maureen.

6 pack of 15 Liger belair colombiere went for almost $800/btl O_O

why does she bring in her bidder #942 at the last minute, not giving anyone else a chance?

worst auctioneer they have. The pacing makes no sense. Sometimes she takes forever to hammer. Then that one you’re talking about suddenly a bid came in and they closed immediately.

I also do not care about the people bidding and how you know that when that person bids that means it’s good juice.

The Truchot prices were INSANE. And whoever #942 is has almost all of it.

maybe it is someone that drinks good juice.

I started to get the impression that #942 was a “house” buyer or something because (1) he/she seemed to buy boatloads of stuff and (2) often, the woman auctioneer would bring in #942 at the last minute and seemed to be saying something like “my bid”.

Meanwhile, she was a shitload better than the guy that took over for her in the middle of the string of Truchot offerings - he rarely even identified the wine.

This is true. I was just thinking to myself “oh wait, did we just skip over a wine i was going to bid on? i didn’t hear him say anything”

I wonder if it’s because he can’t pronounce the names of the producers

I just looked through this as well and while nothing was a “steal”, the prices really did seem very reasonable.

Wouldn’t that be more likely explained as a proxy bidder.

Well, I don’t know, but I think that could make sense.

I disagree. Almost everything I bid on went well high estimate. I’ve found the prices for Mugneret-Gibourg especially high.

Good GC Chablis is now $400 ish, doesnt seem reasonable to me

Gibourg got really hot in the past year. Don’t know why

Maybe because the herd has caught on that they are excellent, consistent and unique wines! [wink.gif]

My allocation has been cut because of it. Hmph