Has anyone ever written a song about WineBerserkers?

Thanks to AI, we now have a song:

[A little frightening what the future of music looks like, considering this took less than 10 minutes to compose.]

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This was “composed” the same way the results of my last visit to the bathroom was “sculpted”.

Without pics it didn’t happen.

I don’t hear a cello, no official stamp of approval without Stringworks accompaniment. @Patrick_Taylor wake up!

Wow, got James Taylor to sing it too

Oh come on…this is so lame. Can’t we get the (somewhat aging) Stones or Bono to come up with a tune? Something that kicks ass as we all slowly fade to black?

omg this is really sad, and really funny…were you able to choose James Taylor as a style?

And there’s an original song but it’s NSFW for those who are at work, DO NOT PLAY

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Very cool.

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I’m taking this grotesque monstrosity as a personal challenge. Give me a week, good sir.

@Jorge_Henriquez and I are calling for a rendition in early new wave/punk. Maybe like The Cure The Walk or something like that.

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smart to call him out with a tag so he actually shows up for the month of April at least once

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Best moderator ever! Totally earning the big cash you pay him!

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Maybe a take on Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” called “We Didn’t Start the Wine Board?”


it’s giving jethro tull, but needs flute

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and more cowbell

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Now come on…you are not exactly helping the human cause with those kind of demands.

In case anyone is curious, I asked ChatGPT3.5 to write a 150 word song about WineBerserkers online forum and then plugged those lyrics in several steps into the new Udio beta and requested an acoustic rock song.