Happy Easter everyone. What are you having for dinner wine/food/family

Now that the baskets are done and the kids are happy, what are you guys doing for dinner? We’re having some friends over for Pinots, Syrahs, and Rib eyes. Reed and I are hoping to find some morrels on our mushroom hunt today. I might make my steamed beet, spinach and goat cheese salad.

Hey John, happy easter to you and Kimberly, too.

I have some leftover 1999 Dehlinger Estate pinot, that Chris Silkowski was nice enough to open for me. I am going to enjoy the other 1/2 of that tonight, which btw was drinking excellent last night. Looking forward to it. Just the wife and I tonight, me think.

Happy Easter, everybody. I I am preparing a gigantic Halibut steak on some wilted spinach with polenta on the side. I am thinking about which Alsatian white to drink with it.

Wabbit! What else!

Actually bone in ribeye and asparagus on the grill. Champagne of some sort and then the second half of a bottle of 2008 Holdredge Old School.

What time should I be over? [wink.gif]

I knew the Champagne would be too much for you to resist!

Pacifico… we are celebrating at one of my wife’s aunt’s house… so it’ll be Mexican food for Easter.

Rack of lamb with Gemstone, Insignia and Pott Neruda in the decanter getting ready…

The house is empty. Band should be here shortly. Racer 5s & Barney Flats, flank steak tacos tonight w/homemade salsa, cabbage. Happy day K&J.

Happy Easter Everyone.
No family, just the 2 of us. Haven’t quite decided on dinner (as usual) . We had a winemaker/friend drop off a bottle of his '06 Napa Cab for us to try (225 cases) . I’m hoping it’s good because it will retail for $24.00. I’ll post notes. I’m sure we’ll take backup just in case

Gee Carrie, aren’t you going to comment on the warm up wine you chose for tonight?

2008 Kosta Browne Russian River Pinot Noir. While I’m sure it will get better with some bottle time, it is already showing its roots with berry and spice on the nose and strawberry turning to black cherry on the palate. The finish is long, with a little bit of bitterness from the alcohol right now, (opened 15 minutes ago, pop and pour). This one’s going to be stellar.

After performing for Easter Vigil (3+ hours) and Mass this morning, we were in no mood to make a meal, so we did what you Jews do on Christmas - Chinese!!

Funny you should mention that. When Carrie went to get lunch for us today, it was going to be Taco Bell or Panda Express, whichever was open. Tacos for lunch. We may get the Chinese for dinner on the way home.

You call those “things” tacos, when you have a perfectly acceptable taco truck down the street and a better one just over at Redwood and Solano? Hmph.

After 15 more minutes in the glass, the bitterness of the alcohol is gone and this 08 KB RRV is really starting to shine. The fruit flavors are becoming more concentrated, with some spice, possibly nutmeg, teasing the palate. Carrie gets a black cherry cola flavor on the mid palate. We’ll be chasing the nuances of this wine for another hour as it evolves.

The Princess does not eat off anything that is mobile. neener

Todd, according to the Jewish calendar, the year is 5770. According to the Chinese calendar, the year is 4708. Do you realize that means that for 1,062 years, the Jews went without Chinese food? No wonder we’re so hungry [wink.gif] .

I chose a 2006 Constant Diamond Mountain Vineyard Syrah to go with a roasted leg of lamb. It is my first purchase from them and if this bottle is any indication, I will be back for more. Almost black in color, the dark cherry flavors are very prominent. Being very young, I wondered if it would be hot (14.6%) but it was very balanced for a young wine. My guess is that the other bottle I purchased will be a real treat in a few years.

Three bottles of 2004 Pegau

but my mom over-cooked the leg of Lamb by about 40˚

Just the two of is for a rather secular Easter dinner.

Leg of lamb, rubbed with duck fat and freshly ground rosemary, cooked sous vide at 135-F for six hours, and finished on the grill. Served with a green pea pie (recipe from Camille Glenn’s Heritage of Southern Cooking). Leslie made the Forager’s Soup that was in Wednesday’s NYT - we used sorrel and watercress from the winter market.

Had a Foxglove Chard open while I was cooking, and drank a splendid 04 Quilceda Creek Cab Sauv with dinner.