Grrrrrrrrrrrrr FEDEX!

Well, I finally heard back from Maggie on my Lillian delivery that occurred on Dec 14th. Turns out FedEx changed my address from Road to Ave/Way/someotherfrigginstreet even though they have been delivering to this address for 12 years. headbang

Some mobile home park ended up with 6 bottles of 06, 2 05 blue labels, and 1 04 blue label. headbang

[middle-finger.gif] FedEx [middle-finger.gif]


Now, that really f’ing sucks.

You will get your wine, no? Who signed for it?

I will keep an eye out for Springer episode: “I am sleeping with my sons wifes father and he drinks Lillian”

Maggie is filing a claim with FedEx.

Not sure who signed for it, but the driver was nice enough to put L.Williams. [blink.gif]

Best hope it doesn’t show up at any offlines in NYC or for sale on CC on eBob…just sayin’.

Lillian out of a brown paper bag…now theres something…

that visual almost hurts … [cry.gif]

Could always be worse…it could wind up with WetRock at the In-N-Out Burger in Vegas:

i once had wine sent to my address at 1732 roundtree circle. Fedex showed it got delivered but to…
something along the lines of

1840 rondel drive or something. I tracked down the house, they gave me the box and there was the right address on it… no idea how fedex had it go all the way down there

Maggie just sent me an email saying she is sending a replacement order on Monday flirtysmile

Sorry to hear about the delay, but it sounds like it’s going to work out just fine. I actually yesterday received my case of '05 Havens Bourriquot a day earlier than FedEx projected. Hurrah!


I have bad luck with FedEx. They destroyed a mixed case from Windy Oaks, and another case from Daryl Wine Shop of assorted Edmunds when they had it. headbang

There probably isn’t a better person than Maggie to deal with. Very sweet lady, great customer service and makes great wine. [thumbs-up.gif]
Glad it worked out.

Has anyone had an 05 Lillian lately? I may have to pop one this weekend. Or should they sit longer? [grin.gif]

We had our last bottle a few weeks ago. I love this wine but I think it could sit longer and
I’m sorry we drank it all. If you have extras then I would say try it, if not you may want to wait.

Sorry to hear about that, Les. What’s the address they delivered it to again?

The exact address, please. [diablo.gif]

Les, was it ground or express? Believe Fed Ex Ground is subcontracted out in such a way, that quality service can be all over the map depending on where your located. Think they handle express far better . . .

Thanks to Carrie, have enjoyed the 05 Lillian twice! An awesome wine . . .

Nick, I wish i could tell you.

If it came FedEx ground, that package could end up anywhere. The elevator doesn’t make it off the first floor with the 2 guys that deliver here.


I have somehow managed to keep my hands off all 6 bottles.

Absolutely the case where I live, the FedEx Ground shows up in a Ryder Van. The driver is a total moron, and routinely pulls stuff like stamping orders as “undeliverable” or “Icy Roads” when he just doesn’t want to drive out to our house since we are off the beaten path, so to speak. We’ve lodged a slew of complaints.