Grassl Liberte vs GGG?

Does anyone have both of these glasses? I’m wondering if they are good for essentially the same wines or if Liberte (which I don’t currently have) is superior for some wines such as Sangiovese etc? Also wondering if the bowl is deeper and/or rim narrower on the Liberte and thus more difficult to hand dry.

I have both and find them very hard to discern from each other except the base of the Grassl is a noticeably larger. Shape and thinness seems very close.

I broke 2 GGG this week and will be replacing them with the Grassls. To me it’s the same quality of glass for a little over half the price.

I have found the Grassl to break easier. And the larger base to be a bit annoying.

Opposite here…find the Grassl sturdier and I like the wider base as it has a better balance in feel. Don’t even use my ggg anymore.


Prefer the Grassl as well. I like the wider base and the bottom of the bowl is a little flatter than the GGG. Both are great glasses but I’ve stopped using the GGG.

Own both, have found them to be functionally equivalent, and the Grassl is a good bit cheaper

Never broken a single one, but my rule is always to handwash the morning after - never the night of. I do agree the big bases can make things a trifle awkward if you’ve got a very crowded table

The base is the same size as the bowl. Curious how you’re able to get more glasses with a smaller base and the same size bowl?

After I broke our last GGG we switched to the Liberte and have not looked back. The Liberte is an excellent glass and Chris provides outstanding customer service.

The glasses are similar. Ours has a taller and thinner (diameter) chimney.

Gabriel likely has a weight advantage of your objective is less fatigue during a long tasting event. (Sarcasm)

I think Gabriel makes a hell of a good glass and as a single choice is pretty hard to argue with.
I do think the Liberté gives better nasal recognition to the wine. But I’m also OBVIOUSLY biased.

Thanks! Everyone has had very helpful advice.
Yes, my GGG are, of course, not surviving as well as I had hoped. I’ll start slowly with two Liberte because who doesn’t need a choice between 8 different handblown glasses for wine very day. pileon

If you’re a little tipsy you may find yourself breaking other glasses with the base, or having the base interfere with the edge of a plate

I don’t mean to slight the Liberte, which is an excellent glass in its own right, and I am glad to use mine all the time. However, I have unironically missed my GGGs here and there because there’s something magical that happens when the glass is that light. Yes I realize we are talking about minute, trivial differences in the grand scheme of things…

I find that either glass is superior to drinking wine out of cupped hands or Dixie cups.

Great candid comment, and I have to say I agree with the comments about your customer service, especially to WB’s; it is terrific.