Grape varieties other than Riesling

Which other grape varieties, if any, do you see as having the most potential in the Mosel. Do you generally support the winemakers that are growing pinot blanc, pinot noir and others, or do you feel it’s best to stick to traditional Riesling? And are their other traditional (or modern) German varieties that are perhaps unfairly being overlooked?

On the Mosel, Riesling is king and there is not enough planted of anything else for the Mosel to make a splash in Germany or the export market. I do not mind if growers do other varieties as well as I am one myself. We do a Pinot Blanc from the Mosel, which my wife has to get an allocation of for personal consumption as it is one of her favorite wines, but the quantities are so low; we have a few key customers for this wine and then it is sold out. Riesling from the Mosel is still overlooked as I travel the world. All the experts know it, but translating this to the average consumer is still a work in progress. There are also excellent Pinot Noirs in Germany as well, and we make some from the Pfalz, but there is no tradition for this on the Mosel.