Grand Reserve World Mastercard - Earn up to 8x Points On BD12

NOTE: The BerserkerDay 12 offer is now expired. You can still apply for the card with our standard offer of 50,000 bonus points on signup. Please visit to read more, review the terms and conditions, and apply.

Applications completed prior to midnight Pacific 1/27/2021 that are in review will earn the BD12 signup bonus. Future applications will not.

While the signup bonus changed and the accelerated earnings on BD12 are over, you will still earn 5x points at partners, 3x points at wine merchants & restaurants, and 2x everywhere else. We will continue to ship you a pair of Grassl Glasses as a welcome bonus!

Original post for posterity:

Grand Reserve World Mastercard, the credit for wine enthusiasts, is celebrating Berserker Day 2021 by rewarding significant bonus points on all partner and wine merchant purchases made using the card on January 26th & 27th.

New cardmembers who sign up before Berserkers Day will earn a 75,000 point sign-up bonus, we’ll waive the first year’s annual fee, and send you a complimentary pair of Grassl Glasses! This is our best offer ever for the card and isn’t available after BerserkerDay.

Grand Cru Crü Members: We have an extra special bonus for you. See our GCC post for your details and offer.

Apply TODAY (January 13th) to ensure you get your Grand Reserve card in time (don’t wait, cards may take 7-10 days to get to you!) for Berserker Day to receive:

  • 8x points on purchases from Grand Reserve partners (normally 5x points)

  • 6x points on purchases from any other winery or wine merchant (normally 3x points)

Partners include Flannery Beef, Grassl Glass, and a number of partner wineries participating – the full list will be revealed on preview day! There will more than a dozen partners participating in BD12.

The details:

  • Apply for your card NOW using this special link

  • Spend $3,000 within 90 days of approval to earn 75,000 bonus points

  • Earn DOUBLE points per dollar at all wine merchants category spend (6x instead of 3x) on January 26 and 27th, 2021

  • Earn 5x points every day, at Grand Reserve Partners. Examples include: Mike Smith’s Myriad & Quivet Cellars, Switchback Ridge, Patz & Hall, Ketcham Estate, Col Solare, Charles Krug, Senses Wines, Jean Edwards, and hundreds more (8x on January 26th and 27th)

  • Earn 3x points every day at any other winery, wine club, wine store, wine storage liquor store, restaurant or bar

  • Earn AN ADDITIONAL 2x points at your top wine merchant each month (the winery or store where you spend the most)

  • Earn 2x points on all other spend, every day all year

  • Every new cardmember receives a pair of Grassl Liberté Glasses

  • Use your points for wine (shop at the ProofLoyalty marketplace featuring Colgin, Quintessa, Cardinale, and others), wine merchandise and experiences. See merchandise and experiences in the Grand Reserve Catalog. Experiences include winemaker dinners, vineyard tours and more. 75,000 points gets you a nice wine fridge, some great decanters, or a ton of Grassl Glassware

  • Waived first year annual fee, then $149.

  • See this page for complete benefits, terms and conditions. Cards issued by Celtic Bank, Member FDIC

EDIT: Here is a list of the partners participating in BD12:

  • Big Basin Vineyards

  • Bougetz Cellars

  • Briceland Vineyards

  • Chiron Wines

  • Grassl/CJF Selections

  • Dusty Nabor Wines

  • DV8 Cellars

  • E M H Vineyards

  • Flannery Beef

  • Franny Beck

  • Gourmets of Spain

  • Jean Edwards Cellars

  • Loring Wine Co.

  • Repour

  • Ridge Vineyards

  • Riverain Vineyard

  • Sandler Wine Co.

  • Sun Break Wine & Cider

  • Tercero Wines

  • Vincent Wine Co.

  • Zoetic Wines

Note: This signup offer expires at midnight on January 27, 2021


This offer is LIVE now! Be sure to take advantage of it ASAP or you can’t get it in time for all the spending you’ll do on BerserkerDay (and all the points you’ll earn!)

And BTW, I had the ‘old version’ of this, just the rewards program, not the card, and from my purchases I’ve already used it for a Riedel decanter, as I forgot I had the points!

Ok, folks, I just talked to Matthew about this, and if no ads, Preview Day/Early Purchase Offers, bonus WineBid credit from the last promotion aren’t enough for the TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR minimum per year for GCC status, the GCC bonus offer is worth $450, but you can’t see it, or get it, without being GCC.


Quick peek tells me point values are around 0.5c/ea to 0.75c/ea in most cases. Let’s call it 0.67c for the sake of easy math. So sign up bonus is 75-85k (worth roughly $500-550) + 2 Grassl Glasses. Maybe around $600 or so of value in the sign up bonus.

Then BD 6x and normally 3x points on wine purchases means that you’ll net around 4% return on BD and 2% return the rest of the year on your wine purchases. That could be slightly higher if you go ham one month with a single merchant for the 2x bonus (8x on BD, for instance would net out around ~5.4%). Either way, it’s hard to justify ever putting any non-wine spend on this card given that 2% cash back cards are very prevalent and a few are even $0 annual fee.

Wearing my points & miles hat, this is a decent sign up value and potentially a good opportunity on BD, but a tough card to suggest “holding” unless they add some type of card anniversary benefit that has broad appeal and is legitimately worth >$100.


Pretty good math. We think the card is a great deal on wine purchases and I suppose it partly comes down to whether or not you want cashback or miles or points that you can only spend on wine! We are just getting started and have lots of things in the works that will deliver great value. Thanks for giving us a chance!

So I went to the proofloyalty site and the La Jota 2016 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon at $150 is $5 more than, whose prices are only tolerable with a 30% off coupon.

Signed up and approved!
I will give it a chance. The initial benefits are outstanding and the points will be used to get some wine glasses that my family will break. GG gold.
champagne.gif champagne.gif champagne.gif


This is a great offer! I signed up for the Grand Reserve credit card during the launch this past summer, and I must say this intro offer is the best I’ve seen!


What happened to the hotel link?

Website doesn’t seem to be working…“Apply Now” button wouldn’t work even after refreshing then closing my browser.

Was really happy to find the card offer for the GrandReserve Mastercard!! Have tons of Miles just sitting there, not sure when I might be using them in the near future, so why not get one the pays me handsomely for my 'Liquid Hobby"!! Just got my card…and already racked up allocations of a few wineries on it today… (and one was a Partner winery so picked up 5xs points!) And reading that on BerserkerDay using the card will get 6xs points on non-partners and 8xs points for those partnering with GR is pretty compelling!! (Knowing Flannery Beef and Grassl are partners are just an added bonus - 8xs points for meat and stemware… Score!!)


The hotels portion of ProofLoyalty is currently offline due to some of the ongoing pandemic restrictions right now. They are hoping to relaunch it soon!

Hi David - Please make sure your adblocker or popup blocker isn’t blocking the apply click. If you’re still having problems please message me and we can figure it out!

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I used the links and got signed up. Took maybe 60 seconds and couldn’t have been easier. I’m looking forward to getting the card in the mail and making my purchases on Berserker Day.


Hi, Chris Barnes here- founder of ProofLoyalty. We work directly with the wineries to get insider access to smaller production wines and wines typically reserved for club members. In some cases, we’re able to negotiate discounts. In others not, it’s a moving target and worth keeping an eye on the site. Purchasing with Grand Reserve points is the ultimate discount.


Sorry, I’m not seeing how the math on this equates to $450.

Sorry, the GCC bonus is worth $70-90, apparently - the 75k bonus (the spend bonus at 90 days) is the one worth that much…

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To clarify, we can get the 75,000 points on sign-up, PLUS the 75,000 spending bonus?