Grand Reserve World Mastercard - Earn up to 8x Points On BD12

No. The sign-up bonus is 75,000 after you spend $3,000 in the first 90 days. There is an additional bonus for Grand Cru Crü members, details in that forum.

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How did you already get your card? Forgive me, but your post seems a bit suspect.

He’s had a total of 2 posts - both pumping up this product. If he is somehow associated with it in any way, he should probably do so. Not the best way to start off here on WB IMHO.


I’m checking into that now…

Wow… so sorry to cause such a stir… I’m a Longtime Lurker, use some other forums and I am a friend of a friend of the company. When told about the card and realized I could get 5xs points on my Myriad allocation and knowing had others coming up… i signed up and gave my feedback to Matthew. He then told me about the BD12 promotion, so I figured it was a good time to use my account and maybe help him and the card out, never expecting to cause any problems. I apologize to Matthew… and everyone here…

Hey there Michael, welcome to the Berserker Freak Show.

No worries - just was wondering. Welcome into the land of the non-lurker champagne.gif [snort.gif] [wow.gif]


I am a bit concerned about the application process for this card. They asked me to submit my driver’s license or passport and proof of address (like utilities bill). This is very odd. I have never had to do that for any credit card application.

Todd, do you know if this is a legitimate operation?

Something must have not automatically checked out when your information was run as this was not the case for me.

I’ve been talking with them for over a year, and to speak of my assurance in it, I applied…and had to upload a form of ID as well. I’m guessing it’s because I have a credit freeze on one of my reporting agencies so my credit can’t be pulled without permission

Hi Kedar-

I’d like to assure you we are a legitimate operation. Grand Reserve cards are issued by Celtic Bank, a Utah-based ILC and Member, FDIC.

If any anti-fraud flags or similar are thrown up during the underwriting process, the bank asks for additional documentation to ensure the right person is applying for the card (this protects us and you). Please message me with any questions!


I thought that was weird too. I was rejected because of information from “an affiliate or outside source”. When I called them, they couldn’t tell me what the exact problem was; said it was likely due to some problem verifying my address, any typos would cause it to do that, which is weird since it isn’t hard to verify my address from the credit reports. Anyhoo, they said to reapply, but now none of the apply links work. Since BD is one of my biggest wine purchases of the year, if I can’t get it in time to use it then, not much incentive otherwise.

Unfortunately, I am unable to comment on declines, both because that is managed by our banking partners and because Federal regulations have very specific limits on what and how you explain credit declinations.

The application links are still live and we welcome further applications! Anyone applying by Monday or Tuesday should be safe to receive your card by January 27th; it takes 7-10 days typically, depending on the mail. If you are approved after that date, send me a message and we’ll see if we can help speed anything up for you!

Todd and Matthew, thank you for the responses. I have submitted my information. I am waiting for the next communication.

I hope i get approved and the card arrives in time for BD. Fingers crossed!

I had a very similar issue. Ended up re-applying and I made sure to rotate my license picture and I went with a bank / credit card statement instead of my internet bill and it went through within 24 hours.

Now I’m trying to create my online account, but because I live in Alaska and I have a local carrier my cell number gets screwy when it comes to being a “valid US number.” But, I’m used to this problem and will figure it out tomorrow.

I want to thank Matthew for following up with me and helping resolve the dead link problem. I had to disable all anti-tracker components, including analytics (which is a little weird as they were all running the first time I applied with no problem). Reapplied now.

Eric - Please contact me if I can help on account setup! The Alaska problem is a new one to me, but would love to fix it for everyone.

Noting an edit to the main post… we are pleased to share we will have at least 12 partner wineries participating in BD12, with a few more to come. (Can’t share the list yet, but some good ones on there!)

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I used my work cell (national carrier) to do the initial setup because of the holiday. I’ll call customer service tomorrow to switch my number over and let you know how it goes.

It has something to do with the way the VOIP/Wi-Fi is setup with my carrier. It registers the phone as an international number for some verification services.

Signed up last week and my free Grassl Glasses were shipped today. Thank you Matthew and Chris!!!

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