Gold Dot Beer

Announced this morning that Kevin Davey (formerly of Portland’s Wayfinder Beer) is joining Heater Allen with Lisa Allen (Rick’s daughter and HA head brewer). They are launching a second brand, Gold Dot Beer.

I’m excited to see what these two great brewers do together and how they carry on the impressive HA legacy Rick created. @Rick_Allen Other thoughts?

I’m really excited about where we’re going. This will open up some markets for us, both geographically and stylistically. Kevin and Lisa both want to run their own business, and this gives them that opportunity, while letting me take a less active role. We expect to increase production substantially, so our beers should be more easily available.


That’s awesome! Can’t wait to try them!

I thought I’d add something here about how things will progress with Heater Allen and Gold Dot. There are a number of beers that remain as Heater Allen beers: Pils, Bobtoberfest, Sandy Paws, L.I.S.A. Lager, Abzug, Zwickelbier, and several others will remain as Heater Allen beers. Helles, Vienna (what we called Marzen), Dunkel, and a black lager will be Gold Dot beers. Part of this has to do with the expertise that Kevin brings to the Brewery. He won GABF medals for Helles, Vienna, and Dunkel styles, so it makes sense for those to fit in the Gold Dot world. The Gold Dot world will also feature a Cold IPA, probably a standard West Coast IPA, and possibly some traditional British styles (Lisa recently brewed a Pale Ale as a Pink Boots project). The big news is that we should have the capacity to brew 2 1/2 times as much beer as we brew now, so both availability and selection should improve.

We still have a lot of stuff to work through. We have several months worth of construction to get through. Gold Dot doesn’t have a logo yet, so everything will likely be Heater Allen for at least the next month or three. I think the announcement says I’ve retired, which isn’t really true. I will certainly be taking a step back in my involvement, but I’m still around, but hopefully I can spend more time traveling and riding my bike.


All that makes a lot of sense based on Kevin’s success with those styles. I’m excited to see what Lisa and Kevin do going forward with the brand and beers you built and their new brand/beers. Ditto for the tap room renovations…as long as Peloton’s Sandy Paws labels remains visible somewhere. :smile:

I did find the retirement note surprising as I figured you’d still be involved going forward. But hopefully you have the opportunity to ride more and travel with Jan. :beer:

I still handle all our regulatory stuff and bookkeeping. I think the big thing is that there’s a lot of stuff that only I know how to do, which can be a problem if I’m in Europe or something. I probably have a better understanding of sales patterns and profitability than anyone. I think the next several years is going to be a giant brain-dump to Kevin and Lisa.


Lisa and Kevin are releasing their first beer today at Belmont Station in PDX - Gold Dot Helles. I’ve only had a small, early sample, but it’s really good. It’s available in draft only, in Oregon and Washington starting next week, and it your pub hasn’t ordered it, it’s too late. The first batch sold out in a day, though there is more in the pipeline.

Here’s their new logo


And, of course, the Tap Room will be the Gold Dot Spot.


We brewed into the new cellar for the first time yesterday. The new capacity should allow us to keep Gold Dot Lager and Dunkel available all the time. We expect to have Gold Dot Lager out in cans in late January. If you’re in the neighborhood, i suspect we have a release party…

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We’re releasing three new beers in cans - Gold Dot Lager, a Cold IPA, and a Dark Lager. We’ll be sending the IPA and the Dark Lager to California. Gold Dot Lager will only be available in the Portland Metro and Puget Sound areas.

In addition, Lisa and Kevin will be in San Francisco for S.F. Beer Week, and are doing an event at Toronado on February 16th. We’re sending more beer down than we ever have in the past, so hopefully it will be a little easier to find.

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Excellent. Hoping to attend Kevin’s roast at Brouwer’s in March and try some of the new beers.

Picked up some Pils and Black lager today at Pint Defiance.

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My wife and sister love the Black Lager. I’m more of a Pils drinker.

Love the pils, but that black lager gets :+1::+1:.Rich and malty but light on its feet .At first sip it hints at being thick and coffee like but floats like a feather on the finish.

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Gold dot is supposed to hit Pint Defiance this week.:beers:

Patrick is bringing beer to Seattle on Friday and Saturday. It looks like all the usual suspects will be getting some. I’ll post a list in the next day or two.

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Thanks Rick,
I was lucky to be there a couple weeks ago when they tapped a keg, a bigger frenzy than the Pliney keg a week earlier.

Thanks Mike!

It looks like Bottleworks, Pint Defiance, Chuck’s Greenwood, Chuck’s Central, Beer Junction, Full Throttle Bottles, and Special Brews up in Lynnwood are all getting beer this trip. Bellingham’s getting a bunch too, and Tacoma and Olympia are getting some as well.

I suspect that we will be making more frequent trips to the Emerald City!

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The Helles is outstanding, trying the Dunkel tonight!

I’m glad you like it!

Do you guys distribute nationally, or just in Oregon? Any distribution in Illinois, Indiana, or Ohio? I really enjoyed your Pilsner when I visited your neck of the woods last year.