Gold Dot Beer

Short answer is no. We distribute in Oregon, Washington, and California. Outside of that, our beers are, at times, available through Tavour.

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The Dunkel did not disappoint, malty goodness with a hint of chocolate .As with the Helles very smooth and enjoyable finish,.

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We have an Export Lager coming out in about a week - basically a pumped up Helles. The malt we use is almost exclusive to us. It’s really good, though Kevin and Lisa are already thinking of how to improve it.

I’ll keep my eyes open.Any kegs coming our way?

Yes. For our next delivery to Puget Sound, all four Gold Dot beer should be available in kegs. There’s also a Bottleworks anniversary collaboration that we brewed that will be available at Bottleworks.

Any idea when the BW Anniversary beer is being released?

As near as I can tell, Feb 24th.

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