Go wide or go deep?

All my favorite wineries are releasing at once it seems. Carlisle, Bedrock, Littorai, Rhys… Funds are limited and so is space. Can’t do it all. What do y’all do in this situation? Go deep to patron your most favorite and optimize shipping costs or spread it around to get a little of everything? Interested in some board discussion on this.

I say go wide. Its nice to have a diverse cellar of wines you like.

Wide for me too. My cellar is too small to do both and I like many different varieties/regions.

This is my dating advice: Fake high, go low.

This is my wine mailing list advice: Experiencing greater variety is better than the repetition of a smaller sample size.

I try not to get the two mixed up.


I think it’s important to be open to new styles/regions/etc throughout your wine collecting life, but I’ve noticed my purchasing patterns narrow as I find the producers I really love.


Going wide was my strategy for many years but now I’d rather save the coin to spend on more wines from the producers I always love.

I should also add that after exploring wine for nearly 15 year I’ve become far less tolerant of wines that don’t do much for me, which goes for all price points.

Maybe I should have set this up as a poll? Interesting, the two schools of thought.

I’ll be the contrarian here. Go deep. Here’s why:
1.You know what you like, so drink it. Don’t waste your time with wine you may not even care for.
2. You can now follow a wine down its path. Taste it at 3 years, 5 years, 10 years…enjoy its evolution.
3. More to share of a wine you feel confident about rather than having to guess at what to bring to a tasting or party.

If the above doesn’t appeal to you, then go wide.

I agree with you. I looked at the question as being from someone who doesn’t already know the wines all that well.

I guess you could almost ask this question as: Which do you prefer, a good horizontal, or a vertical?

Or don’t do either. The world is awash in wine and there will always be more and there will always be another vintage of the century. Unless something is an extraordinary deal or something really out of the ordinary, it’s pretty easy to pass. Moreover, all the wines in the OP are US-based wines. Filling up on those won’t leave any room for exploring elsewhere.

Narrow and support across the few wineries I like now. I am down to maybe 6 lists total and try to buy a little of everything they all make. I have not added a list in what is probably 4 years now and this all seems to keep me feeling happy and digging my cellar.

A little bit of both. Cutting back of number of producers (although I added Becklyn today) but going wide on ones I love like Bedrock.

Wide and Deep and take out a second mortgage?

Life is way too short to waste a proper hangover on even mediocre wine, much less lousy wine.

True, at least until the next Mini Ice Age arrives [which might not be all that long from now].

But what there won’t always be is another year of hangovers to throw at your liver, or another 10,000 cells to kill in your brain.

Life is just way too short…

This, exactly.

Huh huh…wide…deep.

A little here, a little there, except Ceritas, Dauvissat and Raveneau.

Steve, that’s an exceptionally fine trio.


Alex, yes, I am an acid addict, leave the oak in the flooring. You can add PYCM and Boillot to the list. Sorry for thread drift.