Glass Hunter: Speigelau Beer Classics

Here you go guys, link for 30% off some gorgeous beer glasses.


ohh much better deal on ebay (shipping is $14 for a 6 pack on the spiegelau website). Unless you spend $150 for free shipping with spiegelau that is.

If you’re not a fan of ebay, there is

Also free shipping.

So tempting, I’ve been looking for those IPA glasses for awhile, but cabinet space is lacking for me right now.

Nice find on IWA Charlie.

same here, but i did it anyways ;D

I lucked out, my brother in law sent them to me as a gift so my wife really couldn’t say to much…… [snort.gif]



Enjoying some Alpine Pure Hoppiness out of the Speigelau IPA glass while watching the Kings game, it really does accentuate the nose and flavor profile better than any other glass I own.



Just got mine in, wow these things are light and thin, really well made glass. Can’t wait to drink something out of it!

I’m skeptical, but I’m very willing to have somebody change my mind on these things.

Bud’s post got me to buy em.

just what I need–more glasses–but I ordered anyway. Thanks, Charlie!

Really gorgeous glasses, you won’t be disappointed at the price!

Charlie, let us know your thoughts after drinking something good from them.



my wife got me a pair of these for xmas last. I absolutely love them. Trust what Bud says - it is the truth.

Tried stone enjoy by out of it and a few other glasses. The nose alone is worth the price of admission. It’s more focused and opulent.

This I do not need, but what the heck. I’ll probably just get a set of 2 from Amazon for $20 with free shipping. Btw I have been using Riedel O Cabernet for drinking beer and been happy with the results.

Thats for sure, and I love good smelling beers !!! champagne.gif



Got 2 today at Williams-Sonoma. They were on special for $10/each.

I’ve had the IPA glasses for awhile. I like 'em. Has anyone tried the stout glass?