Gabriel Glas StandArt discounted on Amazon

Yes, I use riedels with guests, or the unbeatable spigeleaus


I have access to Riedel restaurant series glasses… I think I might order a case of those next time I have a gathering. This is a friendly tip maybe for Berserkers… ask a restaurant if they will sell you discounted glasses.

These are the glasses that were $5/pack

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Yes, depending on how into wine they are. But as others have noted, you can find decent wine glasses for civilians so they still have a nice glass and it doesn’t matter if they get broken. I have had good luck with Costco:

Schott Zwiesel 6-piece Pure Cabernet Wine Glass Set

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Shipping & Handling Included*

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I really like the StandArt. After breaking all my Zaltos and then breaking most of my Grassls, I decided to try something a little thicker. So far I’ve had much better luck. No, they are not as vanishingly thin as the others, but I’m able to use them without breaking them and honestly don’t feel like I’m missing that much.


How often are people drinking to be breaking that many glasses?

I broke several grassls when they first came out because the glass was thinner but haven’t broken more than one glass per year and I have a 5 year old running around.

Had a StandArt break from the steam in the dishwasher the other day due to a bowl shifting during the wash.

I’ve had more glasses break waiting to be washed by hand (sitting on the counter) than I care to admit.

If I have a bigger gathering (say 20-30 people), I will just keep them out of the mix. For my wine geeks that come over, I will put them out so they don’t have to haul their own stems over if they don’t want to. And, for a smaller dinner, such as having my BIL and his wife over this week, I put them out for them. Same for if I was to set the whole table (say 8 people), I now haven enough of them for one person at each chair, geek or not.

I have a mixed assortment of nicer glasses due to breakage or acquiring just a few. I often end up giving out different glasses simply because I have a variety. I actually think it helps people know which glass is theirs. If I’m setting the table for dinner though I’ll usually choose all the same glasses.

I broke a lot of Gabriel Golds over the course of a couple of years. Of course, I say “I,” but only a couple of times was it actually me who broke the glass, in each case while washing. Mostly it was others. I’ve had far less issues with Grassl and Glavin. Love the GGG, but they certainly are delicate.

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lol… last year I asked this question and I was surprised of the epic tales of how certain members seem to have butter fingers. :joy:

We installed one of those bottle washers since our kitchen has two sinks for some reason.

I was like… Might as well use one that can rinse a ton of glasses.

I was curious about this, too, as I’ve got a pair of the Golds. Along these same lines, for years I’ve been using Riedel Vinum Syrah or Cab glasses. After a few months of the Golds (and/or Chris’ Grassl glasses) I used one of my Riedel Vinum glasses the other day - felt like I was drinking out of a water glass. Such a huge contrast in weight/feel.

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Yep, i totally get it! Is a similar contrast with the golds vs. Standard. The latter are excellent glasses and I’m happy to drink out of them anytime…but next to the golds, they suddenly feel ‘less great’.


Acquired at a price below plastic, tho.

6 packs of the GG standart universal are available at K&L via insiders advantage for $150