Gabriel Glas StandArt discounted on Amazon

We’re both done with super light glasses then it seems. I also appreciate your analogy, it works.

All interesting points! I actually feel the exaxt opposite and freaking LOVE my GG’s because of how light/thin they are. It elevates my enjoyment of drinking wine to a completely different level. Ive also had the same GG’s for prob 6 years and use them all the time…although im sure i just jinxed myself, ha!

On that same note, thats exactly why ive been absolutely loving the Lehmann Jamesse Prestige Grand cru champagne glasses. They feel incredible in your hands/lips and they literally make me want to drink more sparklers, ha!

No right/wrong here of course. Just my $0.02 :slight_smile:

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I tell people to buy Libbey I think at Crate and Barrel for guest wine glasses or depending on your Costco… they sometimes sell the Titan Zweisal glasses.

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I use Riedel for guests, Best Buy sold a bunch of riedel glassware for insanely cheap a few years ago, like $5 for a 4 pack and I bought all the ones they had in the store so I have hundreds of stemmed and unstemmed riedels.

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I can see it now, you using that affected Thurston Howell III blue blood accent, as you regale your guests with your connoisseurship, “I will only let these golden lips touch the Lehman Jamesse Prestige Grand Cru whilst sipping my Pol Roger Champagne Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill… Tiffany’s could not make finer crystal…”

Its almost like you’re right here at my house with me! :rofl:

But not to worry, if you ever actually make it out here to hang out, ive got some old and heavy restaurant-style Riedel’s with your name on em :wink:

None of us need any more, yet we’re all here. A group of degenerates we are. I use StandArts as my house glass and have a ton, yet I’m still here.

Fwiw if anyone is still looking, I just checked and the coupon is applicable for a 6-pack purchase, bringing it down to 179.09. I love the glasses. They’re as close to indestructible as you will find - I’ve knocked them off a counter (empty) and they bounced on the wood floors. I also prefer them over all other glasses for N. Rhone Syrah .

Wine Enthusiast (probably targeted ad) posted Riedel is doing a 40% off sale right now…


Yeah for $1.25 a stem I’ll buy a couple hundred

Where are you seeing a coupon

I have a couple of GG StandArt and like them quite a bit, Folks should realize the bowl is slightly smaller than a Zalto Universal.


Used the 10% coupon for a set of 6 which I absolutely don’t need. Fulfilled by FlyWithWine and I recently bought a glass travel case, so that may be part of why I was targeted.

It should be a checkbox right under the shipping option - I already checked it in the screenshot. It also doesn’t apply the discount in the cart, you have to go to checkout before it applies the discount to the price.

Seems targeted. I don’t see it either


My preference is a nice stemless. Looks like hell after 10 minutes but I’ve never broken one. I have a couple of old Riedel stemless from Four Vines tasting room in my travel case for away games. Really have to try to knock one of them over in a restaurant.

FMIII keeps one at his house for my bear paws.

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The fabulous Riedel decanter I bought at that sale for $10 broke last year. :smiling_face_with_tear: It was the last one they had locally, which is why I didn’t buy more.

Thank you for the screen shot. This is what I saw before I created this thread. I failed to check the 6-pack or I would have burned the 10% on that versus the 2-pack. Agh.

@brigcampbell I believe StandArt comes in stemless too. They were on sale over the holidays.

Set of six only $74. Smash away!

This doesn’t seem like a great idea to save table space when tasting a flight. LOL

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This actually is a good thread to ask… Do you give guests separate glassware from what you use? My wife was a bit annoyed that a guest who talks about going to restaurants like Eleven Madison, Aspen, etc. broke our nicest glass and then didn’t offer to replace it. I was like “it’s fine, not a big deal” but this person now has a track record of breaking glasses at most gatherings. We have now moved to using plastic wine glasses with them.

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