G-Max '06-'17 Vertical Collector's Case

Only five made, $37k. Better investment, 1 bitcoin or G-Max?

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I saw that offer. Fermented grape juice is a crazy thing. In any event:

G-Max >>>>> Bitcoin

In terms of investment, but especially in terms of deliciousness!

(Note, I’m a perpetual crypto bear)

Saw that offer too. No thanks.

Watch, in 5 years it’ll be selling for $100k and we’ll all feel dumb.

bitcoin or gmax?

This G-Max case.

remindme jan 20, 2027


You know Fu tapped that sh*t already

this isn’t reddit, you won’t get applauded by other bagholders for being pro-crypto

I’ll applaud, some of us are both pro-crypto and pro-wine [snort.gif]


i’m def bullish Keller and crypto (less so btc)

[swoon.gif] Fun to see this offer, but whoo, out of my league…
I’ll just have to console myself with a cold glass 2019 Prum and some flaming-hot Szechuan cumin lamb.

Who had the offer (I’m asking for a friend) neener

Is this something that Klaus Peter offered or is this someone flipping a vertical of G-Max?


From the email: If finding single bottles of G-Max is difficult, what we have today is impossible. One of only 5 made in the world, today’s Keller Gmax Vertical Collector’s Case is a singular occurrence. The case includes an astonishing 12 bottle vertical lineup spanning the 2006 - 2017 vintages. Our particular case is box 5 of 5. This could be the center of the most amazing 12 vintage vertical tasting dinner of all time.

Gordon’s (in Boston)

I had the luck to be invited to a rare G-Max Vertical 2001-2011 in the city of Hamburg in 2013 by the collector Michael Quentel with KP, Tino Seiwert, Stephan Reinhardt/WA etc.

Bottom-line, breathtaking…best was 2004 G-Max and such a baby in 2013.

DANKE Michael&KP

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This is great, thank you. I have to ask, if you had $37k to spend on a case of wine wine, is this where you would spend it?

I have had every G-Max and I could not answer this question for another 50 years!