G-Max '06-'17 Vertical Collector's Case

Klaus Peter piped up on the Vinous board to indicate that the winery price is very different, so I’m guessing some kind of collector flipping.


f’ck em, can’t ship out of Mass anyway


of course, without any doubt. G-Max is such long-aging and gives you soo much drinking pleasure, but also intellectually.

AND no pre-mox. :wink:

Thanks. That makes sense. KPK seems very focused on keeping prices down for the wines so I had a bit of sticker shock.

You know he took them all…market maker!!

Robert Dentice was kind enough to pour me a little sip of his G-Max at his Riesling event and it actually blew my mind. Amazing wine.

I’m right there with you. Two of my favorite liquid assets.

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Pro-crypto and pro-wine, my two favorite vices.

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I’d buy this before fake internet money. G-Max will be worth more.

Bitcoin head start no longer exists.

Doesn’t look like the G-Max has sold yet as of this afternoon.

I have a few btls of gmax that I paid $75-90 each for, so yes the winery price is very different.