Frozen dinners

Looking for frozen food that I can pull out when I am too lazy to cook, but I don’t want to compromise too much on quality or taste.

Anything half decent out there?

Aside from the occasional frozen pizza, I always try to cook in large enough batches to freeze a few extra portions. Makes meal planning so much easier and tastes way better imo than anything from the frozen aisle (probably healthier too).


It won’t help anyone outside of southeastern Connecticut, but Pasta Vita has now sprung up with a location in Old Saybrook and another at Mohegan Sun. I’ve found the quality and selection to be really terrific, not only pasta dishes but many complete meals as well. Sadly at present they are sold at-location only.

Mark, in my younger years, frozen dinners were a delicacy, an escape from my mother’s cooking. Therefore my opinions may not be the best considering I was a Swanson connoisseur. Carrie usually cooks up and freezes dinners for me when she is going to be gone, but I still enjoy Stouffer’s Lasagna and their Stuffed Peppers. They make many other dishes and they are probably just as good. Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and Seasoned Pepper help out too.

I am sure you can find decent delivery options?

Amy’s frozen dinners are above average in taste and in healthfulness.

Long gone are the days when Swanson TV Dinners came in aluminum trays. My Mother used to save the trays, portion out leftovers, wrap in foil and freeze for just these types of scenarios. These days the trays would need to be microwave safe obviously but it was a good idea then and still is today.

Otherwise, do you get Amy’s Kitchen frozen meals on the East Coast?

I don’t consider this “frozen dinners” but at Omaha steaks online I buy the stuffed chicken breasts. I think they are great. Then make some corn or peas with them. Also their potatoes au gratin are nice. Lots of stuff there besides steaks.

Michel Angelo lasagna’s are ok if really hard up. Costco sells a Beecher’s mac and cheese which is a step up from stouffers IMO.

Trader Joe’s carries many quite acceptable to me single-dish items, including tartes, pizzas, and pastas, in addition to Mexican, east Asian, and Indian dishes.


Too much salt in store-bought frozen foods.


And Randy, if you have to add more seasoned salt to any of these frozen entrees, you may be getting too much salt in your regular meals and your taste buds are used to it. If you gradually taper back, your taste buds will find great flavor in less salty foods.

Heck, he might even start enjoying wine under 15%abv [whistle.gif]

All that salt is ironic, given that nothing spoils while frozen solid.

Wouldn’t have needed all that salt if they hadn’t made such a fuss over MSG. [swearing.gif]

Trader Joe’s has a decent frozen meat lasagna, when you need a meal ‘in a pinch’ (takes 60-70 minutes to cook, so not exactly quick)

Alanis may agree with you, but they aren’t adding salt to preserve it, but to make industrial, processed food taste edible.

A good friend began to rely on TJ prepared and frozen meals. His blood pressure shot up markedly.