Forgotten orders?

While checking on the actual price I paid for an "88 D’yquem ($273+tax) from K&L, I saw an order for a 6pack of 2016 Malescot St-Exupery. Margaux that I purchased in May. This is a futures order that I barely remember making. I am not a Bordeaux fan per se, but I guess the write up caught me in a buying mood. I’m usually pretty good at managing my orders but this one slipped thru the memory banks. Anyone else surprised by forgotten wine orders?

This isn’t an issue if you use CellarTracker.

Nor an issue if you use paper copies of orders.

Oh, yeah. my biggest problem is double ordering. I order a wine I like and follow, then a few months later, the retailer finds some more for some reason it slips my mind that I’ve already locked in some. The only good news is that it’s usually a wine that I really like, so not a huge problem that I have twice as much as I intended.

I’ve done this only once, and I felt like an idiot. Turns out I really loved the wine, and will be delighted to finish up the bottles I “shouldn’t have bought” in about 10 years time.

This is the #1 value I get out of CT. I have always kept invoices, of course, and tried to be good about logging things on a spreadsheet, but it is so damned easy to log new purchases into CT, then run a report of undelivered wines by store, that it no longer is an issue (although, it is true, I am better at logging things when I buy them than when they arrive, so I have twice written to retailers asking about wine that is currently in the cellar. Oops.)

Well, you would think it wouldn’t be an issue but I have gotten an email for something I just couldn’t resist, responded and bought some, then went to CellarTracker to add wine and find out I already had some either pending or maybe even delivered a time or two.

Yep, done that too!

Right - are we completely helpless without online(or even digital) assistance?
It´s simply ones own fault …

Yes, it can happen … last year I was positively surprised when I received a delivery of 3 bts. of 1er cru Burgundy I have ordered, paid - but completely forgotten about …

Reliable seller … always a joy to deal with …

I`ve had many duplications and some misses on orders made and having completely overlooked that capability on CT, I created an email folder for all outstanding wines, move the email orders/ receipts to that folder and periodically track them for updates with the source.

Exactly what I do. Have never lost an order. LOL, at least that I recall . . . .

I’m more likely to order something twice.

I often forget to log email purchases and come back to them later. I like the surprise during shipping season.

It’s surprising that this happens to wine collectors, who are apparently more intelligent than most.

Funny I received a call from a local retailer to pick up a forgotten bottle of wine I had ordered. I have no recollection of ordering the bottle of Bitch Grenache but do remember buying it as a joke gift for a friend and giving it to her. I told them I had bought the bottle in stock and had taken it with me. The retailer insisted I had ordered and paid for it and to come and pick it up. Oh well a good excuse to go shopping and get a free bottle of wine.

Einstein once called the University he worked at to ask for his own address as he had forgotten it. Newton would forgetfully keep visitors waiting hours, and had to be reminded to eat; Einstein too needed reminders to eat and take his classes. G.K. Chesterton once kept trying to open his door with a corkscrew he had borrowed from neighbors, rather than the latchkey in his other hand.

It isn’t intelligence

The most intelligent people have assistants. I’m brilliant. :wink:

I still have discovered I`ve ordered something more than once even with the dedicated folder. When I check out what is outstanding, I find out I did it again.

Lucky for you because recent vintages of Malescot don’t taste like Bordeaux per se.

Had several post-2000 vintages of this recently and was shocked how little Bordeaux character this wine has. In a blind setting I imagine many good tasters could not even identify it as Bordeaux.

To your question, yes - every shipping season I find one or two orders that had slipped my mind entirely…lucky that CT keeps me on track!


This happens to me occasionally.

I’m always pleasantly reassured that I have such good taste! :stuck_out_tongue:

These are really good suggestions all of which work and are easy to do regardless of the state of your prefrontal cortex or bowel movement regularity or fixation thereon. Here is another one that for me works exactly as well as the above suggestions. This is not an issue if you keep all of your wine and wine receipts and wine emails in your bed and periodically photograph the contents of your bed. Also if you name every order with the name of a Star Wars character. Here is how it works. Let’s say your name is Bob. Oh I’m going to buy some Ridge today and call today’s order Yoda. Wait that rings a bell I might have a Yoda. (Look in bed) [Honey move your right leg. The other right leg]. Yes I already have a Yoda. Hmm. Where was I. For some reason it occurred to me just now that I should buy some Ridge wine. I shall do so. I’ll call the order Captain Kirk. See? Foolproof. Also, action figures.

Good one George. I like your style.