Forgotten orders?

I don’t bother to keep track of my purchases. It’s probably cost me something at some point, but nothing that’s changed my life any.

The one thing I keep wondering is what happened to the four 2010 Travaglini Gattinara I remember buying. Can’t remember if I took possession, and if so, where I put them. Due to the weird bottle shape, I wonder if I stuck them in some cabinet or closet somewhere. I hope I stumble into them someday, it was a very nice wine.

True story. Wallys wrote me last month. Time to ship in the autumn? Cool! Wine I do NOT remember buying! Seriously. Memory thereof nada zilch zip.

They’re in a 12 bottle shipper in your garage with eight other bottles that arrived the same day.

You guys are up late having fun and Im in Amsterdam where its almost 9 am also having fun. Love the posts.

Do those even fit in shipper boxes?

Twisty shipper boxes, sure.

Maybe they’re in a case box with some Miraval, Special Club, and basket Chianti.

Olive oil, dirty stem from a party, can of Pringles.

How do you think Premier Cru started thriving? They capitalized on this.

Funny enough, I did it. I bought wine from a friend, thinking I was going to go pick it up, and didn’t go back for 3 or 4 months. It was when I went looking for a bottle of what I had ordered (and thought was in my cellar) and I couldn’t find it did I realize that I never picked it up.

I would be lost without CT. I periodically go through my pending orders and will often find an order that has slipped through the cracks.

And to confuse you more, you getting a shipping notification from UPS, you can tell it is coming from Napa, but have no idea who is actually shipping. Based upon the weight of 19 lbs, I am guessing 6 bottles, but from whom.

I had an order waiting more than a year for me at K&L. It was an order I had placed at some godforksaken time (something along the lines of 1:30 a.m.); I probably ordered, then promptly fell asleep before I could enter it into CT. Never would have remembered the order. I only found out about it when I was, for curiosity’s sake, perusing my order history and noticed the order still available for pickup.

Presumably when K&L started billing you for excessive holding times it would have been noticed, no?

Sadly, no. I suck at keeping an eye on our finances, but my wife is excellent at it. Plus, K&L has never charged me any such holding fee, and they’ve held wines for me for years.


I really only pre-order from one shop for wines to be delivered and they are great about notifying me when things are in, never gripe about how long it takes for me to get there, and never charge me until I show up to pick it up: Spirited in Lenox MA (Jim Nejaime … not to be confused with the Nejaime stores owned by other family in the area). And, they have incredible access as their core business has existed for a very long time.

I have to say that there were other stores I used to deal with one of which never notified me when stuff arrived… and yet often the wines didn’t show up for several months after prior indication. At one point I stopped off randomly and one particular manager who was a friend (after hearing them say I didn’t have anything to pick up) indicated that there was a stash of wine in their basement I had ordered that had been there for over a year! They couldn’t determine whether I had pre-paid for the order… so in this case the tie went to the runner! When that fellow left that shop I stopped buying there!