Forgotten order placed at Zachys in 2010...

So Ian pointed out that I had 5 bottles sitting at Zachys, an order from June 2010, one I have no record of, so at least he is honest!

Well, should be a fun ‘experiment’ in DOA wine, as I ordered cheap stuff that likely ended drinking windows in 2013

2X 2006 Louis Jadot Marsannay
2X 1998 Columbaio Brunello di Montalcino
1X Pasquale Pelissero Barbaresco Bricco San Giuliano

Can’t wait to try them blush


The funniest part to me is that they still have it. Did it get lost behind things? Did they source these wines to complete your order? Hilarious given the stories we see about recent orders not being fulfilled, etc.



Those seem age appropriate to me.



I bet those are all good; my only worry is the Jadot, unless the Barbaresco is really old.

Out of curiosity, did they hit you for the ~10 years worth of storage charges?



I’m sure Jay Hack and I can pick up your contribution to the next BBQ offline in Westchester, whenever it happens. [whistle.gif]

The wines will be fine. They were stored well.

i need to head there in next three weeks to big up some auction bottles. IF I can be of assistance happy to help out,

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I should have clarified…I already have them in my possession. The cap on the Pellisero is not foil, but some sort of plastic. I definitely had quality issues in my buying at the time, it would seem. Will pop one or two this weekend to see what’s going on

This is better than Premier Cru: free storage with the benefit of DELIVERY.


I’m pretty sure I have an order from 2018 to pick up at Wine Exchange, but I’m scared to ask if it’s still there or not.

I had an order sit there long enough that it had to be cut in half by the time I got there because they didn’t have all the bottles…you should reach out

Too bad it wasn’t stuff that has popped in value.

Unless by ‘value’ you refer to ‘cooking wine’, yeah. Would be great if this was a bunch of good Burgundy, when it was cheaper

I finally decided to open one of the 1998 Casisano-Colombaio Brunello di Montalcino bottles, as I’m making penne alla vodka, and I’m dying to know if this wine is dead or not.

Cork is quite soaked, but not to the top - was soft with the key but seems fully intact. Color looks great, actually! Slight bricking, but still decent brightness as well. Smells a bit of tar, but also a lot of florals - definitely not spoiled, nor cooked, nor dead. Really nice on the palate, dusty, red cherry, falls off perhaps a bit quickly, however, but overall pleased, a good wine. Gotta love Sangiovese, as even the ‘normal/non-riserva’ stuff, forgotten about, can last quite a while!


No wonder the search function is like it is here!

Good thing it wasn’t Winebid, can’t imagine how much you’d have to pay for storage.

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YES! I actually used it to find this old post!

The more I sip on this wine, the more I enjoy it - the short finish is gone, it’s fleshed out some more, really wonderful, actually. Fruit is at peak, perfectly sweet and expressive, tannins integrated and dusty - nice surprise! The rest of the bottles from this forgotten order are basically for cooking, however…