Forgotten order placed at Zachys in 2010...

Damn, too bad it wasn’t a Dolcetto!

Why do you say that? What vintage was the Barbaresco? I can’t imagine any Barbaresco on sale in 2010 would be dead. The Marsannay might have faded a little, but I’d still think it would be better than cooking wine. And I’d expect a '98 Brunello to still be fine.

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Winex contacted me a year or two about some 2003 Rieussec futures I’d forgotten about; they were fine though.

Or a Barbera!

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Yes, that one I figure is likely ok, and probably quite good now - I was referring to the Marsannay, which is mostly for cooking…the color tells all, lol

You can forget that for another couple decades and be just fine

Wally’s has forgotten a 1959 Pommard I bought years ago, but I haven’t. Every six months, I send another inquiry. Once, they said they found it in the warehouse. It’s time to call them again.

Update; this thread led me to call them, and they say they’ll ship in Autumn.

Opened my last bottle of this '98 Casisano-Colombaio BdM and it was corked, damn.


Maybe Zachy’s will replace it. :rofl: :scream: :rofl:

How were the other bottles?

I used the Marsannay as cooking wine, one of the Columbaio BdMs was good, haven’t tried the Pelissero but that should have been what I opened after the corked Columbaio, damn