✨ Fontaine (Bennuaine) /// Hand-Blown European Titanium Crystal Stemware

Berserkers! Great to see you all again and share Fontaine Titanium crystal.

Update: Just updated the name and weblink from Bennuaine to Fontaine following our recent name change so if any searches the archive they can find it. Same company, same product, just a new name as of June 2024.

Hero Optimized

:tada: DOUBLE GIVEAWAY :tada: from two rad Berserker Businesses.
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#1 - Not one but TWO tins of delicious and luxurious Astrea Caviar (worth over $300!) from fellow Berserker Day 15 Gangster, Caviar King, and Burgundy Lord @CFu!
#2 A trio of dry wines PLUS Sweet Vermouth from Napa legends, @Jill_Matthiasson and Steve Matthiason! (BD15 Listing here) They produce brilliant bottles of classic and lesser seen varietals and a special Sweet Vermouth that’s perfect for drinking out of a Bennuaine!

The Glass TLDR… Just like you’re not pouring Selosse or Leroy into a water glass, your spirits (whisk(e)y, brandy, mezcal, rum, etc) also deserve glassware that treats them with respect by enhancing their aromas and rewarding you with an elevated drinking experience. My intention was to create the “Zalto for spirits” because for like 8 years I tried to find an equal to beautiful wine stemware but came up short. It’s been a crazy 2 years since launch, but I’m proud of the results and hope you’re as equally enthused!

PS: Click here if you want my nerdy detailed story behind the design and development.

PPS: Here’s my reply to @ToddFrench from BD14 comparing Bennuaine to Glencairn and why stemware for whisky is actually really awesome.

Who uses the glassware?

  • Distilleries from The Cairn in Scotland to Hampden in Jamaica. Marc Watson, Master Blender at Edrington and Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky winner for “Distillery Manager of 2023”, uses Bennuaine as his favorite nosing and tasting glass.

  • World-class restaurants in the USA and Europe of Michelin star caliber, from Providence and Manzke in Los Angeles, Saison and Californios in San Francisco, Canlis in Seattle, Oriole in Chicago, Atomix in New York, Timberyard in Edinburgh, to Hide in London

  • Famous whisky bars like Golden Promise / Maison du Whisky in Paris

The Products

_DSC8508 copy small

The Titanium Edition - The finest crystal Europe has to offer, actually made with titanium.

Designed to introduce plenty of aeration to reduce harsher ethanol vapors while still providing a lot of focus and detail for pleasant and complex aromas.

  • Hand-blown in Europe in a glass shop operating since late 1700.

  • Phenomenally light. Around 65 grams. That’s the titanium, expert craftsmanship, and obsessive quality control.

  • Tough. Commercial dishwasher safe. High-volume restaurants and bars have very little breakage. The shorter stem really helps here.

  • Ideal for 1 to 2oz pours. That said, restaurant partners use them for all sorts of things… 1oz wine tasters (really!), 3oz sake flights, others for 4oz beer tasters. Full volume is 6oz.

_DSC9447 copy 2

Travel Case - A protective hardshell case and a form fitting interior with dual utility. Thoroughly drop tested. The case is pretty compact as well, only 7 x 7 x 3.5 inches, so you can easily throw it in a backpack or carry-on. Chances are you’ll use this a lot more than you think.

It’s designed to hold either…

  • Two glasses

  • One glass along with 2 two-ounce Boston Rounds (The bottles are included in each case!)

_DSC9959 copy small

The Tumbler - Last Berserker Day a ton of folks expressed an interest in a glass with the same performance as the stem, but in a more traditional tumbler shape that’s a little more casual and also comes at a lower cost.

  • Nearly identical interior specifications/performance as the stem

  • Weighted with a very significant and chunky crystal base. It’s like 5x heavier than the stem.

  • Incredibly durable. The walls are thicker so if your hands get a little shaky after a few drams, no worries!

The Berserker Day Specials!

:arrow_right: The Website: WWW.BENNUAINE.COM

Offer 1:

15% off all non-bundle items! Yes, all products!

Use this code at checkout: BD15

Offer 2:

20% off the Berserker Bundles!

  • Connosieur Bundle: 4 Titanium Editions + Travel Case for 2 Glasses + XL Cleaning Cloth

  • 2 Stems & 2 Tumblers

  • Tumbler 4 Pack

No code needed! Discount for the bundles is automatically applied.

When do orders ship? Orders placed before 9am Pacific ship the same day!
Is there a purchase limit? Nope! The code can be used unlimited times.
Can I combine deals? YES! Get a bundle at 20% off plus a travel case at 15% off.
Wholesale? Send a DM! Love to work with Berserker businesses.

Berserker Replacement Program: Bennuaine stemware is a lot tougher than you’d expect, but accidents happen. Obviously we’ll replace any shipping damage for free, but if any break for any reason, I’ll offer a 1:1 replacement at wholesale cost.

Thank you! You’re going to love the stemware and I cannot wait for you to enjoy your favorite beverages from Bennuaine.

:wine_glass: BD16 TEASER: CRYSTAL WINE STEMWARE :wine_glass: We’re working on a new type of wine stemware that’ll blow your socks off…
> Click here to fill out this super short survey that will help us develop our new wine glasses, and you’ll be entered to win some free stemware BD16.

_DSC9773 copy

I just ordered the Connosieur Bundle and I’m excited to try my Tears of Llorona, El Tesoro Extra Añejo, Highland Park 21, ALL my Islay region bottles, and any of my Single Barrel Store Picks.

Thank you for the offer, I’m excited to try these against my Glencairn’s.

In for a 4-pack of tumblers, thanks!

Thanks! My, that’s a beautiful looking collection you’ve got there. Very cool XA Tequila bottles! Which Booker’s do you have?

Thanks for joining in!

I bought 4 of the stem glasses last year. Love them! And any time I have friends over and pour them something in the glasses, they feel like they’re getting a special treat.

True story, I was drinking something one night, and knocked a glass off of the table. It hit’s the floor bottom down, flips a couple of times (flinging liquor everywhere), and lands on its bottom. Didn’t break. I couldn’t do that again if I tried.

Thanks, we do like our XA’s and trying to grow them. The Bookers are 01-2023, 03-2023, and 04-2023.

Yup, I’ve seen this a few times… Happy it didn’t break, but if it did, have got you covered under the replacement program :wink:


It’s the Weeble of glassware.

Or the Timex. These glasses are really nice and thin. I can’t believe it didn’t break as much as I couldn’t believe it landed on its base. It was like I was watching and waiting for a disaster in slow motion.

LOL, I missed that you meant the stem. I thought it was the tumbler.

Damn, already got a shipping notification on my Connoisseur Package. @BryanG is not messing around!

Berserker Day is serious business!!

Friendly little reminder to everyone who’s ordered… Drop in a comment if you don’t want to miss out on the giveaway prizes! :gift:

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I had ordered 4 glasses last year and ordered a couple more glasses this time around as well. I’ve really enjoyed drinking bourbons and scotch out of these glasses. Looking to continue reaching for these as my whisky glass of choice - hopefully with some Yamazaki 18 or Hibiki 17 I’m planning to get into this year. A couple of the ones I enjoyed from this past holiday season

Ordered some glasses as a surprise for the hubby :wink:

Bought a pair of the tumblers and look forward to drinking in the gratitude of the intended recipient!

But the room smelled great?

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Happy to see you back, Benny! Seeing Caol Ila 18 always makes me smile. Hows that Midelton 2021 been for you?


Thanks for the order! That’s some good gift giving from you and @Helen_F !

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Ya, sometimes you just gotta soak the home floor with booze to give it that old bar smell and claim the dog knocked the bottle over… :rofl:

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