Fogline Vineyards BerserkerDay 15 - 6 wines at an incredible discount! CONTINUED THROUGH SATURDAY

Hello Berserkers!

Last year our offer was a resounding success so I thought we would continue with a similar offer this year. 50% discount on 6 different Zinfandels and an Old Vine Syrah. There is something here for everyone that loves bolder wines. Go to our site at and fill your cart with these or other wines. The 6 wines will automatically discount when you use the code BD15. Tax and shipping apply where required. We hope to start getting these shipments out within the week after BD15. We appreciate all of your support and love the community. For those of you that purchased last year we still have very small quantities(5 cases each) of the 18 Zinfandels from Grist and Rockpile. Otherwise we have have the current vintage available. These wines express the higher altitudes in which the fruit grows.

Onto the wines:

We’ve sold through our regular storage of the 18 Zins but have a reserve library of 5 cases that we have decided to sell through. Both Brent and I will keep a case to see how it matures for posterity but our loss is your gain.

2018 Fogline Vineyards Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel - Grist Vineyard - Retail $48
A fruit forward, jammy blend of Zinfandel, Syrah and Petite Sirah. A riper year that has some residual Fructose. Bradford Mountain fruit.

2018 Fogline Vineyards Rockpile Zinfandel - Rocky Ridge Vineyard - Retail $50
A deeper darker Rockpile for 2018. 100% Zinfandel, tobacco leaf and nutmeg compliment the riper fruit this vintage. Most popular wine at Sugarloaf Lounge.

2018 Fogline Vineyards Dry Creek Valley late Harvest Zinfandel - Retail $45
Sweet and jammy but not cloyingly so. Flourless chocolate torte is in order with this wine.

2019 Fogline Vineyards Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel - Grist Vineyard - Retail $48
A more typical vintage for us from Grist. Excellent Northern Dry Creek flavors, body and structure. Cinnamon and nutmeg notes accompany the fruit. Not jammy. Similar blend of Zin, Syrah and Petite Sirah to the18 from Bradford Mountain.

2019 Fogline Vineyards Rockpile Zinfandel - Rocky Ridge Vineyard - Retail $50
Excellent example of Rocky Ridge Zinfandel. Dry and balanced with plenty of zin fruit. 100% Zinfandel.

2019 Fogline Vineyards Dry Creek Syrah - Grist Vineyard - Retail $50
Amazingly complex with loads of umami flavors. Savory BBQ meats and soy sauce lead to a full raspberry flavor. Oldest Syrah Vines in CA, on Bradford Mountain. A blend of OVS, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah from Bradford Mountain.

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Use Code BD15 at checkout for 50% off these wines.

Someone was asking about Zin on the main thread and I recommended the Rocky Ridge - we’ve loved it for years and will again this year !!!

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Thanks Richard!!

Hi Berserkers.

I may be a bit slow in responding as I had a stomach flu yesterday. Better today but not much sleep.

Hey Evan, I’m not seeing the 2019 Grist Zinfandel available on the store. Am I missing something?

Really enjoyed the 2018s last BD, and res-stocked with the holiday offer. Curious to see how the '19s compare

Hey Evan, in for 3 of the Syrah and 3 of the 2019 Rockpile. Like Jason, I was looking for the 2019 Grist Zin but didn’t see it.

Sorry about that. It is there now. If you have ordered and want to add some of the 19 DC Zin I will refund the shipping from that additional order.


The 19s are more classic northern dry creek and rockpile. No RS. Think Litton Springs. In some cases people have said the DC Zin is more like a Martin Ray Spring Mountain Cab. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info, and sorting out the store. Order in!

Berserkers, I’m short on Zinfandel…would love some tasting notes if you have em!! @Evan_Pontoriero feel free to share the ones you know of, probably have them on quick draw from CellarTracker!

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Opened a 2018 Grist Vineyard Zinfandel last night in honor of Berserker Day. Was just as tasty as the others have been, and a great accompaniment to the poblano chicken chowder we had for dinner.

Nor available for alaska - even at $100 for shipping?

Thanks Jason. The vineyard sources are top notch so they make great wines. Glad you are enjoying them.


email me @ and we can discuss further.

I’m sure we can work things out. It is really expensive to ship to Alaska and Hawaii, even to the east coast is getting close to $100 now.

Right on Scott. Thanks! Grist is there now. Sorry for the delayed response. I was under the weather yesterday. Happy Berserking.

Great price, can’t wait to pick these up.

Hope you’re feeling better today Evan!

Thanks Jason. Much better.

Right on Mindy :slight_smile: I agree. Try to find a Rocky Ridge Zin at that discounted price.