Fogline Vineyards BerserkerDay 15 - 6 wines at an incredible discount! CONTINUED THROUGH SATURDAY

I’ve been asked by a couple people about our PN. I’m sorry to not be able to offer any PN this time as we didn’t make any wine in 2020(fire) and were frosted in 2021 so yields are greatly reduced and what is left goes to our club and some to the tasting room to keep customers in the loop about our selection.

I know everyone is excited about discounted boutique Zins but don’t forget about the 100+ year old Old Vine Syrah. It is devine and when I do reserve tastings with customers, it is usually the purchase they make. It is a steal at this price.

In for a 6 pack. Thanks Evan! Will be by to pick up soon.

WooHoo! I’m looking forward to showing you our new place. Let me know ahead of time when you plan to come so I can have the wine there.

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Wowser! Thanks for a nice set of offers. Trying your 2018 Zin.

Evan, you just persuaded to covert a 4 pack of Zins into a 6 pack by adding 2 of OV Syrah!

Thanks for trying us Dee!

Oh man, Andy! You are going to be so happy you did. Umami central.

Awesome deal! In for a 6 pack of Zins and Syrah.

Fantastic! Thanks for buying my deal.

In for a six pack, but still had to add a Pinot to the order.

Right on Jeff! Enjoy, and thanks for ordering.

We do have some Pinot for sale on our site but it is not discounted as we have very little. They are from our estate vineyard on Sonoma Mountain directly above Gaps Crown Vineyard in the Petaluma Gap. I’ve been involved with the AVA for many years and am currently a Director Emeritus. Pinot from this area as well as Chard and Syrah are stunning. If you haven’t tried Petaluma Gap Pinot and Syrah, your should.

I’m looking forward to the six bottles of Fogline now on the way, with various Syrah and Zinfandels. Thanks for making a great offer on wines that I’m eager to try!

Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for getting some BerserkerDay wine! Visit us if you end up in the Sonoma Valley some day.

I’d love it! You may see me one day soon … :grin:

Opened a Rockpile Zin a few nights ago and a Syrah last night - both really good - thanks for the recommendation to add some Syrah!

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Thanks for the note Andy. The Syrah is really singing ATM.

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