Flannery Beef - 30% off Special 60-Day Dry Aged New Yorks (& Limited Supply 60-Day Ribeyes)

30% off CA Reserve Special 60-Day Aged New Yorks

  • This batch is cut from the shortloin primal, where they were superbly protected by the vertebrae bone during the extended aging process. Aging a full 60+ days will give you a different flavor profile than our usual 30-day aged steaks, these will have more nutty undertones and a noticeable ‘funk’ to them. Maybe not for everyone, but for anyone on the fence, this is a great opportunity to sample these against our 30-day NYs to experience them both.

30% off CA Reserve Special 60-Day Aged Ribeye Steaks

  • Limited Quantity – these 60-day Ribeyes are ‘overstock’ from the holidays. We have to decide several weeks before the Christmas holiday how many ribs to age, and this year had a small amount that never made it out the door last month. So aside they went, for another month of aging with a special “Berserker” tag [cheers.gif]

30% off CA Reserve New York Steaks

  • These are our classic 30-day aged New Yorks - slightly more tender than a Ribeye, and with less internal fat, the New York is truly a fantastic cut.

How To Order

  • Clicking on the links underneath each of the items listed above will take you to that product’s page on our website. Simply fill up your shopping cart with whatever quantities of the steaks and when you’re ready to check out, head to the Shopping Cart page and enter the code “Berserkers2017” in the Coupon Code box, and click “Apply Coupon”. Proving that sometimes you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks, our technology skills have not improved, and this section of our site is a bit tricky. There are two areas to enter codes, one is for Coupon Codes, the second is for Gift Card Codes. Make sure you enter the code “Berserkers2017” in the Coupon Code section.

In for the classic 30 day NYs.

Haven’t tried the rib eyes yet


Easy purchase! Thanks Bryan and Katie!

Great offer, looking forward to trying the 60 day for the first time.

Thanks ! In for some 30 day NYs and 60 day ribeyes, and hopefully, a filet tail. Any cooking suggestions for the tail ?

Oh, yeah!

In for this.

Some 12’s and some 20’s.

Thank you!

In for some 30 day strips!

First time for me after debating purchases a couple of times in the past. In for some ribeyes.

Couple of 60 Day Ribeyes should take care of Super Bowl dining. Thanks! Do you think you could freeze one of these, and if so for how long would it be good?

in for some 30 days

Order in - I hope we made the first 50!!

92 ounces of ribeye coming my way flirtysmile

Order in.
All in!
Ordered all three options.
Interested to see if we can tell the difference between 30 days and 60 days.

Yes, I’m going to do a side by side as well. Looking forward to it.

Just make sure those of you ordering that are going to Falltacular bring some for all of us to sample as well :slight_smile:

In. Easiest decision ever. Thanks Bryan!


I recently had a mismatched ribeye that has been in my freezer since May 2014 and I noticed no decline in quality.