Flannery Beef - 30% off, 90 / 60 / 30Day Aged steaks, Burger, & Lamb

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Early Preview Day damn near cleared us out - as of posting, we only have 15pc left - these will move FAST
90 days is pretty much the upper limit of what we think our aging rooms is capable of doing. At this point, you will definitely be entering the ‘blue cheese’ territory, so if you’re on the fence about Dry Age, or haven’t tried it before, we’d suggest dropping down a few age levels. You’ll also see a noticeable smaller filet due to the extended age (for that reason, we are only cutting 3 porters per Shortloin, to ensure we don’t go into T-Bone territory).
What’s especially unique about these porterhouse, is that they came to us with the kidney fat (suet) still attached. That let us take them out further, age-wise. But rather than trimming away all of this fat, we are leaving a small amount where we can; suet is a naturally sweeter fat - you will end up with a beautiful balance between the funk of the age, and the sweetness of the fat. We have a very limited quantity on these, so act fast if you want to snag one!

Early Preview Day damn near cleared us out - as of posting, we only have 18pc left - these will move FAST
You can’t produce Porters without KCs :smile: You’ll see the same flavor in these Kansas City Steaks as you will in the porterhouse, though you won’t have any of the suet attached on these.

Dropping down on a notch on the Age scale, these 60-Day ribsteaks will be a nice change if you’re used to our typical 30, and want to push the envelope a bit more. The flavor profile on these will be deeper, almost nutty; not overpowering but noticeable. Texture will be firmer when raw, but equally tender cooked. They will tend to cook a little quicker, only slightly, but be aware.

Now we’re in our ‘typical’ Age range. We think that the 30-Day age level is the perfect amount of flavor for someone looking for a steak with more developed flavor, but wanting to stay away from intense/funky/blue cheese notes.

We haven’t had lamb available for what seems like ages, partly because the price has skyrocketed the last few years. What prompted us to get back in the game was a personal experience - a craving for rack of lamb, grabbing a New Zealand rack from the local store… and hating every bite. Once you have experienced GOOD lamb, nothing else will do. Enter our carefully sourced California lamb. Raised just north of us, the mild climate and saltwater air that comes in from the ocean results in an amazingly mild flavor that in our minds, cannot be beat.

Every once in a while this blend will come out of retirement - it’s always a crowd pleaser. We designed this blend to be a hybrid of our Traditional and Adventurous blends; about 25% fat content, with just a touch of Dry Age flavor, but what really makes it unique is that we’re using a coarse grinding plate. Our usual 4 blends are made using a grinder plate with 3/16” holes, whereas this blend will be made using a grinder plate with 3/8” holes. This will give a much coarser texture to the burger, making it an exceptional option for chilis, but will also present a truly unique burger experience if done on a cast iron surface (or any flat plate, for that matter).

Once you’re ready to check out, head to your cart, and use the coupon code BD14 to apply the 30% berserker discount to your items.

Depending on where you are in the US, we offer two shipping methods: GLS Ground for the west coast, and FedEx Express for everyone east of Nevada. Shipping costs will vary based on location and cart value.

We will not be able to start shipping BerserkerDay orders until TUESDAY 1/31! Mondays are always our busiest day of the week (as our restaurant customers restock after the weekend), and our crew has asked that we push BerserkerDay processing to Tuesday the 31st, so we don’t end up working a double shift on Monday. Since the last thing we want is a mutiny on our hands, we said yes! Even though our website will allow you to select a delivery date of Tues (if 1-day transit) or Wed (if 2day transit), please note that they will be pushed out a day.


Ribsteaks, ribeyes, lamb! Can’t wait! Happy Birthday to me!! Thank you Flannery crew for this!


Looks fantastic! I usually get the Kali blend and love it. Is the Berserker blend more or less fatty and more or less aged? Thanks!


BD annual purchase complete.


Well, between this and the Morgan Sampler pack, I guess we’re going to be set on beef for a while… :crazy_face:

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Order in for some KCs, Ribsteaks, Ribeyes, and lamb. Yum.

In for some lamb


#1 Priority for BD14 secured! Now to find some nice wine to pair with these…


Flavor-wise, it’ll be closest to the Kali blend, but the big difference will be the grind size. So if you like Kali flavor, but also like making chili / hearty pasta sauces… this will be up your alley :smile:

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Does the BD14 discount apply to all of your steaks, or just the specific steaks listed in this offer?

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Just the specific steaks in this offer

In for a 90 day Porterhouse, some ribeyes and the burger blend. Always love everything from Flannery!

Starting off BD14 strong with Flannery Beef! Let’s GO Ribeyes

In for Ribeyes, Lamb and Burgers


Order in for some ribeyes and KC strip!

I hate to say it but I am generally “wined” out by BD as many regular offers hit in the 2 weeks prior including Saxum and SQN. On the other hand, it’s THE day to buy FLANNERY BEEF. Aged KC’s and Bone-In ribsteaks ordered.

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Berserker Blend FTW! My freezer is now full.


In for Porterhouses + Rib Steaks + Ribeyes + Lamb