Fevre: Checking In

Most of my 2002 Fevre Chablis across all of the Crus were heavily pre-moxed and I haven’t picked up a bottle since.

Has the situation improved?

I gave up on them. I will let others to experiment. Maybe come back when a track record is established. But qpr is degrading as well.

My hope is that 2010 (when Fevre went to DIAM for all bottlings) and beyond that the successes are consistent and worthwhile.

A bottle of 2004 Les Preuses that I had about 4 months ago was amazing…A classic Chablis which had mellowed over the years, with added weight, but still had cut and balance. I have one more but wish I had another 6…

A 2009 Preusus I had over the last two days was spot on.

I purchased a few Fevre Les Clos 2014 after a long hiatus. I opened one bottle last year and it was stunning. If I recall correctly, it was under Diam. A Bouchard Chevalier 2010 under diam last year looked very very young. So I am hoping Fevre (which is under the same umbrella) may survive a bit longer than previously.

had a 2013 Preuses that i bought from the winery when i visited. nothing wrong with it but kinda boring…
not sure if it’s vintage?

We had the 2004 Preuses recently–not clearly premoxed, but a lot of appley ripeness that seemed atypical, and I wouldn’t have identified it as Chablis. That doesn’t answer the question, though. I quit buying and haven’t tried to age any recently. however, since the complete switch to diam, there seem to be fewer reports of premox since 2010, as opposed to a number of other producers.

No issues since Diam. Same as jadot.

Thanks everyone.

I have actually had decent luck with Fevre Chablis but I have stopped buying all white Burg because of premox problems overall.

Maybe just me, but I’ve had substantially more advanced/oxidized bottles of Clos than any other of the Fevre grand crus. Mostly 04, 07 and 08 vintages.

This is my experience with Fevre as well…starting with 07 for 1er crus and 2010 adding the grand crus. I had a 10 Fevre 1er Mont de Milieu last month that was excellent.

Looks like there’s something similar to Diam out now. Trefinos, a spanish cork company esp for sparkling wine, is making a cork that hits the same points…Supercritical CO2 to remove taints, controlled oxygen transmission at different levels (via microspheres), and a higher cork % than Diam apparently. Looks interesting.

So far the 2010s have been stellar.

I didn’t go back to Fevre until 2012, it no issues so far.

Same here. 2008 Les Clos was the worst: 10 out of 12 bottles in the case were oxidized.

At first, I thought this was going to be a thread with a bunch of notes from Jon Favre! flirtysmile


I haven’t had any premoxed post-Diam Fevre either, though my experience isn’t vast. Coincidentally, at a recent tasting with Fevre Cellar Master Didier Séguier, I asked him when he thought the 2010 Les Clos might be good to go, as I have a few in my locker. In the course of his answer, if I recall correctly, he said something like, “and they’re under Diam, so there’s no worry about premox.” While I’m unconvinced that premox can be eliminated just by using Diam or similar “corks,” the results seem encouraging at least for Fevre.

As an aside, I think Fevre’s 2017s are excellent, though I might be biased as I work for someone who sells them.

I have had 08 Les Clos & 08 Vaudesir last month. Both of them show no sign of premox and have great potential for further aging.

Fevre 17 offer hit inbox this am. Doubt I will resist.