Fevre: Checking In


Coincidentally, yesterday I did a taste-off of two Chablis and posted a TN. Both were around $25, the 2017 Domaine offering of Fevre one of them. I found this thread afterwards. Interesting stuff, some beyond me, but FWIW here is a pic of the two corks (which I just dug out of the trash). The Fevre diam is on the right.
The 2015 Laroche was disappointing, and I wonder if it is possible to deduce early stages of premox in such a youngish wine. The color was slightly yellow but not dark by any means;the flavor was “empty”. BTW the Fevre was mighty tasty!

Despite Didier’s statement/implication, I don’t think Fevre would claim that Diam is solely responsible for their premox turn around. Fevre was fairly up front, esp compared to many other problem domaines, that they had problems and that they were taking a number of different steps to address it. A new superlow dissolved oxygen bottling machine for example, and higher sulfur levels both during elevage and at bottling (occasionally a bit high), and other steps. I doubt they would have been successful without taking those prior steps…but Diam does seems like an essential part of their solution.