FedEx Is Coming Apart at the Seams

Waited to ship a case of older Mondavi Res, Plumpjack and Pride Cabs from NY as soon as the national high temp map looked good on 9/30.
The original delivery date was this Thursday as well as per the email showing the box scanned in Kansas a couple of days ago.
Today, the box is sitting in AZ in 92 degrees, plus it will take another week to get it to SF!

The FedEx rep and supervisor had one excuse, too high a volume now.
Chaotic, a company in over its head, delivery off by 100% and rerouting from KS to thru AZ not directly to Sacramento is a mystery which will no doubt ruin the case!

I suggest we all use any other common carrier for the foreseeable future.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case for the other common carriers too.

It seems like ground services in general are taking the brunt of it - instead of using another carrier, when in doubt, go with 2nd day air or overnight. Or hold shipping entirely.


paid for overnight morning delivery… it’s been 3 days and I haven’t gotten my item. :neutral_face:

I’ve tried to stop ordering from the other coast. Too costly and uncertain and it’s rare that it’s something that absolutely can’t be found elsewhere.

4 shipments this week with fedex… 2 are delayed…

It’s not just cross country, shipments from California to Portland are silly too. It was bad in spring but even worse now. What used to be 2 days ground from Bay Area to PDX is now completely unpredictable, likely taking over a week. Portland subreddit is full of screen captures showing packages doing crazy stuff for weeks at the local distrution hub. I’m very afraid for my fall shipments.

Combined with issues from the retailers themselves, it’s a sign for me to wind down purchases for a while. Two well respected retailers often discussed on this board have royally screwed up recently. One agreed to ship last Monday and didn’t, then said Tuesday, then informed me today they want to ship Friday. That’s only half my pending bottles from them, and they couldn’t deliver me accurate records of my purchases.

I withdraw my bid for most screwed up shipment.

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Took 14 days for my Eyrie wine to reach me!

I’m in CA and just order from CA so I don’t need to worry about shipping. I’ve always has wonderful experiences with GSO, although my last shipment took 2 days instead of one, which I don’t think it that bad.

I’m not surprised. The whole world is coming apart at the seams, especially shipping, supply chain and staffing. I’m holding any shipping until November, but risk not seeing them arrive until 2022!

When I have a choice, I NEVER use FedEx…my local drivers SUCK!!! My UPS driver rocks and we have exchanged phone numbers.

Yep. And related- Order your Christmas gifts early!

When and where is the first date ?

It’s basically all mail.

Talk to people who are trying to relocate. [swoon.gif]

By contrast, I shipped some, uh, lava lamps from Texas to Florida overnight air morning delivery UPS and they showed up on time. I also ordered some stuff from REI, it shipped next day, arrival three business days later. So maybe all is not lost.

I did that for a few years. And I’m done with most of them. But for a couple places I started buying from again, unless temp controlled, I just wait until Nov. or early Dec. to ship ground.


It’s not just FedEx, it’s pretty much everything with transport/energy/labor etc.

If you’re really relying on shippers promises, you’re going to be end up enraged no matter who you use. Just budget more time and wider temperature bands than you’d think.

Used Fed Ex last week for a wine shipment, Boston to Minnesota. Was quoted 4 day delivery and that was exactly what happened- worked perfectly. I’m sure volumes on the coasts are higher, so maybe location/geography dependent?