Faethm Wine - Nikolas Krankl

Nikolas Krankl’s project a winery called FÆTHM
From his twitter account: FÆTHM is coming… We are working tirelessly to get some jaw dropping wine in bottle by 2019. Keep one’s ear to the ground.
faethmwine on instagram

From Manfred: One of our sons, Nikolas, who worked for us for several years, has started his own project a few years ago and sometime this Summer he will begin selling. Although there is not much on a whole, he does have a couple different wines – one of which is a Syrah from the Bien Nacido vineyard, literally walking distance from the section from which we made our first 1994 Syrah called The Queen of Spades. His winery is called FÆTHM and if you’d like to sign up for the mailing list he is establishing, please visit his website: www.faethm.com.

I look forward to following this project!

June 2018 letter I received after having found out about it last year
Faethm June 2018 Letter.jpg

It will be interesting to hear more about the wines as a release gets closer.
Thanks for sharing the letter.

I wonder how many people bothered to read the whole SQN offer letter that came in the mail this week. I JUST got around to doing so after having received the letter a few days ago. Didn’t originally catch this thread from the 19th. Hope I’m not too late to get in on the first offer…

I believe I signed up last August. Looking forward to it, assuming I even get an allocation.

More info from WA regarding Faethm: Robert Parker Wine Advocate

Sounds like another $40 vineyard that will use a name to charge $200

Behind a paywall unfortunately


4HS get over it, no whining deadhorse



Evidently, simply conveying a fact makes you a whiner. Who knew? Gotta love the Internet…

Apparantley so!

Thanks for the…errr…‘education’, Gray??

3 wines, 100 cases grenache, 100 syrah, 25 white. $120 for reds, $79 for white.

They sent offers or emails out? Sorry joined the list fairly late and curious

this was via the WA article. i thought I had joined like 18 months ago but double checked 6 weeks ago and realized I hadn’t. I assume this means I’ll be waiting a few years.

The WA article Included SQN, NOK, TT, Faethm and Andremily. At <$100 Andremily is the value choice and it has a track record.

Just got a letter in the mail that Im getting an allocation. Anyone else get it? Release is 2 2017 syrah and 2 2017 grenache in a wood case. There are 623 boxes so around 100 cases of each wine. Also a 2017 White Rhone and 2018 Rose both very limited and sold first come basis. No pricing was included. Release will begin 7/18

Release letter mentioned Manfred gave him some grapes from Third Twin and Cumulus Vineyards as 17 crop was smaller than hoped for

Got mine today too, really excited about this one!

Got mine as well!

Looks like the CA people got theirs first. Id expect a lot of others to get them on Mon/Tues.