Eurocave failure help

I can home today to find my 183 performance eurocave off. The LCD is flashing a series of errors: “20 3”, “UI e”, with the interior light blinking on and off. Hitting the “set” button with intermittently show the temp (71.2 gasp!). I do not hear the compressor kick on. WineEnthusiast is closed for the day. Any ideas what is wrong? A quick google search yielded nothing.


Check for dust around the coils or vents. Empty the unit to check for build-up anywhere.

Nothing obvious. Certainly seems like some sort of hardware failure, but I don’t know anything about compressors. Wish i knew what the error code meant

Called Wine Enthusiast, they claimed the control board was the issue, and specifically the power supply. They wanted $850 for the board, and would cut me a deal to $750 (thanks).

I took out the control board since I’d have to replace it anyway and noted that one of the capacitors looked slightly bulging. A trip to Radioshack and $1.50 later I still get the error when powering on, but then the menus work correctly and the compressor comes on. Mostly fixed I guess.

Any thoughts? I still might replace the control board but not right away. $850, seriously? I can get more offsite storage for $25 a month.


Be careful. If the temperature regulator remains faulty, you could later end up with several racks of home-cooked jam.

Very true Victor. Looking into the circuitry there is a power supply board and a processor board. The tech support guy was confident it was a power regulation issue and not a sensor issue. I think I’m going to replace all the caps on the power supply board and see if anything changes. I still can’t get over how expensive the board is–the replacement is both the power and processor boards, as well the LCD display. Still might replace it anyway, just for piece of mind.

Wine Enthusiasts, Radioshack, sounds like you are a fellow Torontonian. If that is the case, I might have a number for you to call. You can also PM me directly.

Actually, in San Antonio TX. Love to visit canada sometime.

Hi Josh,

sent you a PM regarding this issue.



That is some service.


Mind if I ask how old the unit is? Considering purchasing a Eurocave but $750 is steep!

Uh, this thread is four years old.

I think it was some sort of first time poster joke.

Eurocave is still working great after I replaced the caps. I did find one that was bad. I never replaced the board.

This recently happened to me. J. Durham and I traded some PMs and he was very helpful, although I am choosing not to undertake the fix myself. Wine Enthusiast’s (WE) pricing remains the same but they also point to 2 “mail away” repair options that carry warranties. A bit frustrating how quickly they knew what they problem was and where to send… how long are these fridges supposed to last for the price?

Regardless, in case it helps others, I couldn’t find any info on accessing the boards on line. It’s easy but getting to them required a bit more force than I expected. I have a V283 Classic. There are 2 screws behind the control display section that need to be removed and then careful yet firm tugs on the display free it up (WE mentioned it “slides out like a shelf” at first… not for me).

WE suggested sliding a flat head between the gaps to free moisture lock but I didn’t find that possible nor, in the end, necessary. The front portion of the display “rests” on 2 internal screws about 2 inches from each side. For me I don’t think it was moisture lock but rather these screws were reasonably firmly tightened. In the end, one side freed up before the other.

I have a 2006 V283 Classic Eurocave. It cools fine, but after 5 hours it starts beeping and the red light flashing while continuing to run. Here is what I have found out:

  1. Upon powering it on, the screen flashes between “U1E” and “116” for about 5 seconds before switching to the cabinet temperature.
  2. While cooling the blue light does not come on. The manual says it should.
  3. After about 5 hours, an audible alarm beeps and the red light flashes while the control panel displays the cabinet temperature and the unit continues to hold temperature.
  4. The schotkey diodes on the control board check out fine.

Can anyone make sense out of this? I can’t find much of use regarding error codes for the Eurocave products.

How long did you folks own these Eurocaves before there was a problem? I have a friend that’s still running his original Eurocave from the 80’s with zero repairs. He also keeps it in a relatively cool room (65-68 year round).

Dear Josh

Hope you will still read this. I have the same U1.e error on my Eurocave. Do you remember which Capacitor was failing ? Did you change the red Capacitor fuse marqued 1A 250v 372 série as well ?

Thanks a Million

Amazing that this thread still pops up every couple of years. Mine is still running solid 7yrs later. The remaining intermittent issues resolved when I found a faulty solder joint (my mistake).

I don’t recall all the details on which caps I replaced. What you need to do is buy a multi-meter and check all the caps on the board and see if you can find the bad one. Looks like you have a newer model than me. If they upgraded the electronics and it’s more than a 2 layer board, you won’t be able to solder it by hand. Hopefully it’s just a cap issue and not something else. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
(FYI I changed all the caps as I didn’t have a multimeter handy and I wanted to swap out all the cheap Chinese caps)

Hi J.Durham - I was hoping you could help, i had the same issues as you and replaced the caps. Eurocave now cools fine but if I turn it off and then on again i get the “U1E” error for about 5/10 seconds then it reverts to the temperature and cools - did the same happen for you? i have the V059 2007 model.

A separate matter all together is it doesn’t hold temperature well losing about 1-2 degrees in 20 mins - anyone have any bright ideas on this?

Thanks in advance