Eto - a new way to preserve wine

This looks pretty darn interesting. It’s a Kickstarter project for now, but take a look:

One can achieve the same effect by dropping clean glass marbles into a wine bottle, until the remaining wine rises up the neck, to avoid oxidation.

…and much easier to clean.

A tad more eloquent than marbles , however.

I have a few loose marbles, to spare.

Interesting design, and it certainly makes a lot of logical sense. It will be interesting to see how it fares once it is run through additional conditions, mainly quality over multiple accesses, and testing the claim of its ability over “weeks.”

Although I do find it odd it wants you to decant the whole bottle into it to “open it up” but then also claims that 1 week later it is just as fresh as a “newly opened” bottle. Maybe they mean ‘newly decanted’.

I’ll wait for the diamond studded version.

I have tried to pour newly opened wine into smaller bottles. I filled them to the brim and sealed them with a screw cap. A day or two later, the wine did not taste very fresh to me. In my opinion, once exposed to air, all bets are off.

There are endless threads on that topic. Some of us have had VERY good luck with this method. But I always refrigerate the wine. I don’t know if you did, or just left it at room temperature. I think it also depends on the type of wine.

To me, that is a very broad statement. I would agree that was older wines, the tendency is for these not to last very long after opening. With younger wines, though, I found that they can last days using this technique. Did you also put the bottles into the fridge?

Jon - put them in the fridge. I assume you poured the wine into the smaller bottles on opening and not after it had been open for a while.

Some wines don’t hold up but that’s still the best way I’ve found to keep it for a few days. Other than a Coravin I guess.

Wow. Two people posted while I was typing. Anyway, what they said!

Yes, I always store the bottles in the fridge. These days, I top off with argon in the original bottle and store in fridge. That seems to work slightly better for me.

Put the wine in the fridge for a few hours at least and only remove it for a few minutes at a time before returning It there. Most young red wines keep nearly a week doing this IMO. If the bottle is left out of the fridge for, say, an hour or more, its life is shortened. YMMV.

You can decant a little before you need it to have it at drinking temperature when required or warm with your hands or a warm, damp cloth.

Using the 375 bottle filled to the very top helps, too.

But temperature is key if you want to slow down the reactions.

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Jancis Robinson posted a very positive review today - for all of those who care about those things. . .

No point to this if you have to decant it… The oxygen has already made its way in. RIP.

No worse than when the winemaker racks a wine a few times?

But SO is added accordingly. How about letting in extra oxygen without SO additions?

Good point doh.

That’s what I thought but the blind triangular tests performed for JR article (actually by Richard Hemming BTW) suggests otherwise

Or does it depend on how long to leave exposed to air I the decanter? I thought it was the act of actually pours that dissolved the oxygen.

If it’s a delicate wine, a gentle siphoning method would help a lot. Sparging on top of that even more. An add-on devise to do this elegantly could be made.

This product and the similar Wine Squirrel are basically scaled down winery tech. The variable size protects against loss of volatile aromatics to the headspace, which is a problem with most other methods.